These are Home to Me

the stronger a mind is fixed on something, the more possible it can become reality.

at 6:45pm, after much contemplation, i decided to drop all worry and care and threw a few set of clothes, a magazine and a bible into my backpack. i was fleeing for home.

as far as my personal and vacation days at work go, i have none left at the moment. i considered calling my boss later on telling her that i got sick and couldn’t come to work today. but that’s not integrity. that’s a lie.

so another sacrifice on my part to let the Spirit take another territory of my heart, i told her the truth – that i won’t be in the office on friday because i’m homesick…and i’m leaving on my own accord without any more available days of any types of leave left, except the sick leave. i knew i should’ve consulted with her first (and i’m feeling not so good about it) but my mind was decided. the call was the simple FYI. and i’ll be willing to bear a consequence when i go back, if there will be one.

the 9-hour bus ride was the usual uncomfort. but when my feet stepped off the bus and i breathed in the bangkok stench, my heart rejoiced in me – i was home. 

swirly taxi ride

early morning buddhist radio program

rush hour and traffic jam at 5:30am

parents waiting their young children for school bus at 6:00am

rotten sweet odor of overnight garbage

street dogs and homeless people lying side by side on the foothpath

-these are home to me.

walking through the gate

being greeted by my mom

listening to the quiet noise of her cooking breakfast

waking my little sister up earlier than her usual time

eating  cold buttery mashed potato, hot omelet with ham and cereal in a cup

chitchatting over breakfast about things that i don’t remember now but at the time so soothing to hear

noticing the work of mom’s hands in everything in the house: new pillow cases, fresh laundry smell, clean sheets and blankets, my compassion uniforms she just sewed, bouquets of flowers in different corners of the house

giving an unexpected welcome to my middle sister who just got back from the night shift at mcdonalds

meeting my sister-friend and her mom who recently got back from the states

getting hair cut

drinking my mom’s mocha with more cocoa than coffee

– these are home to me.

quote of the day: “a great person is an ordinay person who decides to do great things.” bundit ungrangsee, a thai international symphonic conductor.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

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