Snapshots of Fun

i ventured out on a journey to the flower market with mom yesterday evening. it was my request to take a river taxi along the chao phraya river. see, when i was studying in university, the river taxi was my primary public transportation i used because  of1) no traffic jam 2) nicer weather and 3) gorgeous views. every pier had its own memory. throughout the trip there and back, i was in constant mesmerization.bangkok is so rich and vigorous. old culture contrasts with modern business. the city of angel, as it’s nicknamead, is a place of diversity and inspirtation.

the rippling gold reflection of the sun waving goodbye on the river.a small girl chatting away  about her friends while her mama holding protectively on her waist. riverside dwellers chilling on the corrugated tin roof. laborers pushing colorful flower carts while shouting “watch. your. back!”. waiting for an hour for the bus to come. freezing wind and cold rain lashing against the bus window’s pane while driving home at night. needless to say, it was a great adventure.

today, i’d like to reduce my words and let the pictures tell my stories. so here are some shots from my neighborhood, nonthaburi pier, the river and the flower market:

sky train construction site in front of my house

traffic jam at 5:00pm

our town clock tower at the nonthaburi pier

durian is nonthaburi's hallmark

nonthabri's old town hall now turned into local museum

nonthaburi pier at the sunset hour

daughter and mama

rain cloud hovering in

one of many temples

food stalls at the flower market

all in different colors

mom choosing flowers

thailand can be a better place if we're united

a pub i saw on the way home

never imagined we would have this day 😉

us, family, playing with the youcam on computer

peace out. =D


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