i feel like vomiting. i’ve been a slacker for almost a month. i have a 40-page paper about high vulnerable children strategy i need to translate into thai. let me tell you, it’s not a normal everyday language. ‘~’ and that i need to finish it in 2 weeks. talk about “miracle”.

anyway, this past week, i’ve been listening to a song by third day called “born in bethlehem” and it reminded me how much i love christmas and my friend, kristin barr, who shared this album with me. i’ve cried over this song for too many times. the 1st time i heard this was at the school’s christmas program where i was teaching. the 1st grade students were performing a beautiful dance along with this song. something about children worshipping Jesus always gets to me. it seems like they don’t have to rationalize who God is. they just accept and love Him without doubt. such pure faith. 🙂

every single word in this lyrics is a holy utterance to God and reflects the heart of the composer(s). so i want to share with you the song, if you haven’t known it already. i think the opening with the stringed instrument sounds a little off but may be it was intended?  

Baby Jesus, born in a stable, humble Savior’s birth.
You left your throne in Heaven above, to live here on the Earth.

Baby Jesus, lying in a manger, crying for the world.
The Angels told the Shepherds of the Good News for us all.

Halleluiah, the King is here, given for all men.
For today the Holy Son of God, is born in Bethlehem.

Come now Sinners and you Saints, all peasants and all Kings.
And bow before the Earth’s Redeemer, let all voices sing.

Halleluiah, the King is here, given for all men.
For today the Holy Son of God, is born in Bethlehem.

Halleluiah, the King is here, given for all men.
For today the Holy Son of God, is born in Bethlehem.

Baby Jesus, do you know you’ll die for all our sins?
Don’t be afraid, for in 3 days, you will rise again. Cause you will rise again.

Halleluiah, the King is here, given for all men.
For today the Holy Son of God, is born in Bethlehem.

Halleluiah, the King is here, given for all men.
For today the Holy Son of God, is born in Bethlehem.

For today the Holy Son of God, is born in Bethlehem.

Born in Bethlehem.

my life..hmm..i am very busy, just like the rest of compassion staff. 🙂 there’s so much to do at the end of the fiscal year and so much to look forward to in the next one. our tour team is looking at two trips in both july and august right now. we hope to get things done in timely manner and that the tours will turn out to be not only a blessing but something thought-provoking and faith-challenging stuff for the sponsors. time to get on the road again! hooray!

on another note, i was just on the phone with my mom. our family is in a transition moment. mom and my sisters will have to move out of our  current house in a month or two. and we are quite undecided about what to do next. we want to buy a house but aren’t sure if we’re ready for another debt. mom is thinking about moving/ planning to come to chiangmai. both of my sisters are enjoying their work in bangkok. a big decision is to be made. a huge change we need to be prepared for.

that is why knowing that the Lord is in control is so vital for us. at times like this, when we are so weighed down by pressure from banks, our landlord and those who keep asking questions about our decision, we tend to get frustrated. But i learned not to let frustration get in the way of the Lord. ecclesiastes 8:6 says, “for there is a time and a way for everything,…” these words are  overflowing cool water running down my parched throat.

as many people have told me, “God’s timing is perfect and you don’t wanna spoil the fruit until it’s ripe.”

so here i am, Lord, waiting on You.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

2 responses to “Musing

  • Sharon

    Boy your blog is so good for me right now. I get uplifted by it everyday. I will be praying for you and your family as I am in the middle of a transition. I was born and raised in Illinois, all three of my children are in Texas, 16 hours away. I have moved to Texas and am living with my oldest daughter. It is good to be here in Texas, but I need to find my own place and money is a problem. Thank God for good kids. I too am waiting on the LORD, he has brought be this far and now I am waiting again and seeking HIM with all my heart.
    I also love Third Day, that was great, they are on the radio now as I am typing. They really have good songs for me.
    Kids, I also love and appreciate the way they trust and love so openly, I really miss seeing the Thai Children. I would love to spend the rest of my time on earth serving the LORD, by taking care of little ones. I am waiting on HIM to show me what to do.
    I will also be praying for you and your translation, as Thai is definitely not an easy language.
    Love YA Sweetie!!!

    • Minkster

      hi sharon, thanks for your comment and sharing a bit about your life! i will be praying for you, dear. i know that God has plan for each one and all we need to do is just trust and obey. 🙂 easier said than done sometimes but that’s the best way to go. love you too!

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