Cockroach and Thanksgiving

i can’t seem to focus well these 2 days. my mind is somewhat preoccupied. there are things i want to write about but i haven’t fully wrapped my mind around it yet. so hopefully this weekend will be the time.

let me just say one thing though – this week has been emotional.

now as i’m lying on my stomach typing this message, i’m being so paranoid about a cockroach i just saw when i walked in my room. i kept a good eye on it. but for a split second, i turned to plug in my computer, it was gone when i looked for it again. with my fingers crossed, i hope that it won’t come crawling on my tummy tonight.

what am i to do with it when i spot it, you may ask. well, one of my life mottos is that if there’s another living creature that’s not a human in my room and bigger than a mosquito, it’s either me or it. my weapon is my flip flop and it’s right here next to me…hungry for its victim.

ok, i lied. i’m actually dreading discovering the roach under my closet table. i feel like being forced to work on my math homework. blah.

i don’t think i’ve officially put it up here…so allow me – I HATE COCKROACHES!

what i’m grateful for:

1. fun time with my friends

2. a roof over my head despite the despicable cockroach

3. food to eat

4. visiting a child with leukemia and being reminded how fragile life is

5. work neatly done

6. prayer meeting this morning and singing hymns


About Mink Gough

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

3 responses to “Cockroach and Thanksgiving

  • Kristie

    I HATE cockroaches too….they are the only things in this world that make my skin crawl and make me gag! I hope next time you see it you will be able to successfully introduce it to your flip flop 🙂

    • Minkster

      kristie, actually i waited it out. 🙂 it finally scrurried out half scared to be seen by me. but i did. 😉 so i threw the flip flop and lamed one of its legs. no other details needed except that i succeeded. whoopie! thanks for the sympathy, dear.

  • Sharon

    I hate cockroaches also, for the life of me I cannot think of why God created them, but He had a purpose for them. Glad you got that one with the flip flop. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

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