Blood Donation

we got a phone call from taii, a father of toey, a child who is admitted into the hospital because of leukemia, this evening. toey is a 7-year-old karen boy who had a twin brother that died of the same disease a couple years ago. we don’t know how the boys got it since their parents or natural family members never have cancer.

i have visited teoy three times. i saw him first and second time in the icu and the third time in a children ward. his little body looked even more tiny when he lied on that big bed of white sheet. the last time when he was out of icu, he was so cranky and annoyed that even his parents couldn’t please him in any ways. it was understandable. a boy shouldn’t even be in the hospital at such age. he should be in school, play soccer with his friends, explore his neighborhood and enjoy life. yet…sickness is a curse that we’re all born with. it just depends on when it’s gonna happen to us.

teoy’s parents are people of faith. the first 2 weeks toey was transferred into the city hospital, they abandoned their farm work at home to be by their child’s side. being in a hospital is, honestly, tiring and depressing. and in my context, being in this hospital means waiting around in a white neon-light common area, using shared bathrooms with other patients’ relatives to clean and wash and sleeping on a wooden bench. no private room. no conveniences. they endured it because it was their  child. every time i went, they looked almost ready to collapse. but the father said to me once, “mink, i don’t know why God allowed this to happen but He has a good plan, including this too. i just have to trust Him.” then he quoted a verse from psalm…i think. you gotta see his face when he learned that his son got better. i haven’t seen any broader smile.

anyway, the phone call was to inform and ask for help. toey’s number of blood platelets got very low this morning, and his face got swollen. he is in desperate need of blood plasma. taii asked us if we could go to the hospital and donate blood, whatever type it may be because the hospital will make exchange with the “o” type later on.

when someone like this needs help, wouldn’t one respond in immediate willingness?

well, my dilemma is that to donate blood, it means i willfully allow a sharp and thick needle to go through my layers of skin and into my vein. and that…i am scared of. like many others, i have never liked shots. my 1st memory i can remember of getting  injections was when i was in g.3, in my buttock. ugh. that was painful.

this type of fear gives me a tight knot in my stomach and i feel like i can’t breathe and ready to pass out. that only comes from imagining myself in such situation. i haven’t even tried. 

the 1st time i visited teoy, i willed myself to go so far enough to fill out the blood donation form and got a blood test. but because of an hour lunch break, it got me more time to ponder on the pain…and as a result, i chickened out.

now, with desperate plea from the father, wouldn’t i at least give up a bit of my own comfort to release someone else’s pain?

tough call.

in a way, i’ve already made up my mind. i want to give blood for teoy. but fear still holds me back. i shouldn’t spend time pondering whether or not i should do it. i should just mindlessly walk into the hospital and get it over with.

yes. think of Jesus….He endured so much more…for my sake. how can i not do it to the least of these?

please pray for teoy and his parents in this time of sickness. pray that God would give them hope and strength to carry on each day by relying on His grace. pray for me that i’d be willing to offer what i can to help this family…and other staff too…that they will feel burdened to donate blood tomorrow.


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5 responses to “Blood Donation

  • Elizabeth Leeds

    You can do it Mink! It is uncomfortable, yes, but worth it. My Dad used to donate regularly, and then once he got sick he was able to be blessed by others who donated. “It’s one thing you can’t make” he would say.

    • Minkster

      elizabeth, thank you for the encouragement! i’m trying to squeeze out all the possibilities and impossibilities right now and focusing on the need of the child. pray that i’ll be able to do it. 🙂

  • Kristie

    My prayers are with Teoy and his family. I used to be like you, scared to death of needles to the point of passing out. Because I had to get blood drawn every month for a medication I was taking I got over my fear. I think the more you do it the less intimidating it is. Good luck to you and may you learn to manage your fear for this worthy cause….I will pray for you too! 🙂

  • Sharon

    Praying for you and Teoy and his family. You can do it Mink!!!

  • Isaac

    hey Mink!! The first time I donated blood was a couple of months ago when a friend dragged me to a blood donation centre. He said that it wouldn’t hurt; so I signed and went for it.

    I think it makes a huge difference having someone there to support you through the entire process. You can only feel a slight niggling pain when the needle’s going in; most people don’t feel it at all once it’s in!

    You can do it, Mink! You’re a strong warrior of God! I be praying for you. Let us know how painless it was! 🙂

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