Need Help!

i didn’t get to give blood today. not because i chickened out again. but because the nurse said that teoy already got some from others yesterday evening and won’t need the plasma until after the next chemotherapy, a couple of days from now. if we donated this afternoon, it would last for only 3 days…and we won’t be able to donate our blood for the next 3 months. so we’d better keep it for emergency….whenever teoy needs it.

thank you for your prayer. this morning, i came across my friend’s facebook status that is quoted from mark chanski,

“should I need to endure my worst nightmare, God will be there, to uphold me so i don’t collapse or breakdown in despair…’therefore we will not fear’ (Ps 46:2)! this enables me to eye yonder furnace with a holy calm, to say as i draw potentially near to it, ‘It is well with my soul'”.

– womanly dominion

it was exactly what i needed to hear at the moment, and all my fear were gone. thank you, becky. 🙂

anyway, i got to see teoy and his mom for a brief moment. his face was less swollen and he could sit up now! he even tried to answer our bombarding questions although he looked almost ready to go to sleep again.

one thing i found difficult, though, was coming up with something to talk about with a sick person. being ill is miserable. and no matter how hard one tries to be cheerful and hopeful, the effort lasts for only 4 seconds. then it comes to the point of silence, smile, say a prayer and say goodbye.

we asked teoy:

“how are you feeling? better?” – nod

“where’s your mom?” – “went out.”

“did you eat dinner yet?” – nod

“what did you have?” – “chicken.”

“do you like reading cartoons?” – silence

“where do you want to go after you get out of the hospital?” – eyes closed. silence.

this was actually better than the last time when he didn’t even acknowledge that we were there. but it was very emotionally challenging. when we walked out of the hospital building, somehow our souls were sucked up by the darkness there. it’s never been a pleasant place.

but i’m not gonna give up trying seeing how teoy’s mom is the only one who’s taking care of him now (his dad got sick and had to go back to the village). i’m planning on going to visit and help keeping watch so that his mom can have some rest.

here’s where i need your help: any ideas to entertain a sick 7-year-old boy? any thoughts or cool activities? please help me help this boy. what are things i can do to brighten up this boy’s day?

thanks in advance!


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4 responses to “Need Help!

  • Juli Jarvis

    Write and illustrate a book together.
    Play cards.
    Work on small puzzles.
    Maybe you can find a small, cheap electronic device that has a game on it, such as Yahtzee.
    Look for things in the room that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
    Teach him his alphabet or letters if he doesn’t know them yet!
    Blessings on you as you bless Teoy — your presence is his best gift of all.

  • Kristie

    Since I am an art person…I say draw or color something…maybe finger paints if you have them. I love the above comment about writing and illustrating a book, you could write and he can draw pictures for it. Continued prayers for all of you!

  • Sharon

    Writing and illustrating a book is great idea, and it could be about his favorite things to do, and if he can’t do it you could with him coming up with the ideas, to get him having happy thoughts.
    Praying for him and you!!

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