The Airport Adventure

believe it or not, i woke up at 3:15am. since then i haven’t taken any nap at all. now it’s 8:16, 20 hours later…and i’m still awake.

believe it or not, though i was quite tired at the middle of the day, it was a super productive day. compared to other normal work days, when my usual get-up hour is at 7:00am, i was constantly alert, attentive to the jobs i was working on and happy.

maybe i should plan to get up at 3:30 every morning. 😉

my friend, jason, is that kind of guy. he used to tell me stories of him going to bed at 7 in the evening and waking up at 2 in the morning. he would make his way to the school he’s teaching, ics, and start preparing lessons, marking, planning, etc. i didn’t believe him at that time when he told me that he was so active and bright at such wee hour. i believe him now.

the reason i had to wake up at 3 this morning was that i decided to use a public transportation, aka bus, instead of taxi to get to the airport and catch my flight at 6:45am. why? because it’s so much cheaper. the usual taxi ride costs around 350-400 baht while taking buses, the most i have to pay is 60 baht. HUGE difference. 

i hate the feeling of being late especially when the setting is an airport. i used to miss a few of my friends’ departure flights because i was a sleepy-head. it left my heart hollow and wonder when in the world am i gonna meet these friends again.

so when the alarm clock sang, i jumped right out of bed, showered and got ready within 15 minutes. scored my own record. i’d never got anything done in 15 minutes that included packing. 😉

mom and i left the house at 4:00am and caught the bus we needed to get on right in time. it took 30 minutes to get to the victory monument where i would catch another bus to the airport. the only problem that didn’t occur to me before was where exactly to wait for the bus. see, it’s a roundabout…and there are many bus stops.

i was getting agitated as it got closer to 5:00am. when my mind is fuzzy, when i am frustrated, i can’t think straight. so after complaining to my mom how we didn’t remember where we got off the last time for 5 minutes, i let mom lead the way. she asked some van drivers and showed me where i should wait for the bus. eventually, the bus came and i waved goodbye to mom. i paid 34 baht for the fare and tried to relax as best as i could although my heart was already at the airport. i didn’t want to be late.

it took me 40 minutes to get to the airport bus terminal where i had to board another shuttle bus to get to the actual airport. i half ran, half walked to the bus and hopped on. a few minutes later, the wheels rolled and my heart gleefully rejoiced that i wouldn’t be late after all. little did i know…

i got on the wrong bus. at that point, i had 15 minutes left before the check-in counter would close. it did go to the airport alright but it went as far as the 1st floor. the departure terminal is on the 4th. and if you’ve been to the Suvarnabhumi airport in bangkok, you know the scale…and how gigantic it is.

this time, i ran. when i got off the lift, i had to run from gate no.8 to gate no.2, which was like, what, 2 kilometers. my calves were so stiff and sore but i needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other. eventually, i got to the air-asia area.

man, it was packed!

what in the world were people doing at 6 0’clock in the morning! shouldn’t they be in bed?! well, as i mingled through a sea of faces, i spotted a sign saying “FD3230 BKK-CNX: check-in counter closed at 6:00”. i looked at my cell phone watch and panicked, “shoot! it’s already 6. what do i do now?”

thankfully, the girl who was holding the sign asked me if i was going to chiang-mai. i said yes. she said, “this line, please”. i took a long sigh of relief. after checking in, i had to run through the boarding area, which was another 4 kilometers. when i got on the plane, i felt like i was going to slump into the chair and never woke again.

i’m thankful that when i got to chiang-mai, my beloved friend, p.gade, came to pick me up…coz i surely couldn’t handle anymore public transportation and walking that morning.

all in all, though, it was a fun experience in the midst of sweat, stress and panic moment. next time, i might try flying with nok air as it’s landed closer to my home.



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