The Zion Hostel

i am sleep-deprived. i was only alert for a day. but today, i was totally out.

this morning, i woke up at 5:00am because i was going to take jason and tylor to the zion hostel, in mae cham district, where they volunteer to help out and teach english to the children there until saturday.

my colleague, chi, is the driver. the drive up there from the city is usually 3-4 hours but he did it in 3 with a little excursion into an off-road trail. surprisingly, i could still get some sleep in that speedy-gonzales ride.

we were going to drop the guys off and head back to the office right away. but p.chi had to get some paper done for the people up there. when i saw that he was settled with his notebook and a plugged-in printer, i knew that i still had time to hang out with my friends. 🙂 though i was a bit worried about going back to work in the afternoon, i thanked God for the time well-spent at the hostel.

i really don’t have lots to say today. so i think i’m just going to show you the pictures of where i visited. and i’m going home sans notebook so that i won’t have to be facebooking, gmailing and wordpressing. i am going to read a few chapters of “in the presence of my enemies” by gracia burnham, pray that jason and tylor will have a blast during their stay and come out there alive, call my sister and say happy birthday to her and  then…i’m gonna hit the sack. 🙂

rice paddies on the way to the hostel

where the children grind rice for their meals. grinding rice is a part of karen lifestyle.

the boys dormitory


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