Happy Moments

starbucks is always a good dose of comfort. it’s chilling atmostphere; the lighting that sets your mood; private corners to enjoy yourselves; its coffee aroma and the jazziness ofthe place…the combination of these makes me REALLY happy today. i’m having a tall cup of caramel mocchiato and an apple-walnut muffin. heaven on earth. mmm. 🙂

i was a grumpy lady yesterday because i was way too tired from sitting in a truck for 7 hours with a few stops. the total traveling time from sunday and monday was about 13 hours. i was so pooped and got easily irritated. the driver was my victim. i barely spoke anything to him during the ride back and didn’t even properly say “thank you” to him. how gracious and christian i was. ‘~’

so this morning, i called in sick because i needed a quiet rest and non-rushing day. it’s been nice. and now i feel like i’m loving my life again. i think sometimes i tend to get too hard on myself. i learned that i need to let things i can’t control go, enjoy the present and break the rules. i don’t want to end up being a nun. i was actually given the “nun” title back in my university years because i would rush out of my class and go straight to church. i missed out on a lot of fun times with my friends. but on the bright side, i also had many wonderful memories with peeps at church too.

so i’d been thinking – what makes you love your life? after a long hard day at work or school, what are the things you do that lift the weight out of your shoulders? what are those things that fill your moments with smile, laughter, contentment and joy?

mine are:

– watching private practice

– listening to favorite songs

– sweeping and mopping my room

– air conditioner

– dreaming about future (actually that doesn’t give me much contentment :))

– munching soft cookies and eating spaghetti bolognese

– drinking a cup of half frozen apple juice

– watching rainstorms and listening to the rain splashing outside my balcony

– discovering a whole volume of the chronicles of narnia with only 595 baht

– sneaking a little encouraging note to my friends to cheer them up

what is your happy moment? feel free to share the joy and make us all smile.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

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