Long Journey And A Cup of Coffee

i thought i would post the pictures of my last 3 days. i spent lots and lots of time on the road but God also blessed me with some recreation time.

the 1st part is me traveling to mae hong son province with 2 swiss girls. one of them sponsors an extremely shy boy from karen tribe. this is her 2nd visit to him. we joined the church service, visited his home, walked to his family’s rice paddies and prayed for them. then we drove to mae hong son province to stay for the night before dropping the girls off at pai, the renown chic district, on monday morning.

the 2nd part is me and starbucks. i think i just found my soulmate. 😉

so here you go:

mother and child reading the bible

karen lady with veggies for her pigs

a God-made umbrella...always handy 🙂

cloudy day

a water buffalo grazing on the grass

supachai's father with his rice paddies

jessica, the sponsor, teaching supachai, her sponsored child to ride a bike

family picture

a burmese-influenced temple in mae hong son province

this is cloud hovering over the mountains

this is fog lingering on the road

some wild flowers

happy sky

apple-walnut muffin with sprinkles of cocoa and cinnamon powder

hot caramel mocchiato = heaven on earth

do you see mangosteen and mustard here? 😉

working hard...

the coffee shop overlooks the renown tha pae gate. it's a good place to people-watch.

that's right, it's me. don't be disappointed. 😉

finding a pair of shoes that fits is like finding a good man. 3 hours of looking for this wasn't a waste of time.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

8 responses to “Long Journey And A Cup of Coffee

  • Sharon

    Enjoyed your last 2 posts, loved the pics. I will have to try Starbucks, everyone loves it. I like the garden. I am taking care of my daughter’s house and garden this summer. They have 33 rose bushes and various flowers and plants. I am keeping them alive in the Texas summer heat. I also planted tomatoes, eggplant, cantaloupe melons, hot peppers and squash. Everything is doing good, if I can keep the deer from eating it.
    Love Ya!!

    • Minkster

      sharon, you sound like you’ve got a handful this summer. 🙂 but it sounds like a kind of activity/ job you love to do. 33 rose bushes are a lot. she’s a romantic person, isn’t she? you’ve got a green thumb! perhaps you’ll have to teach me how to plant a flower sometimes. and yes, get a good friend to come w/ you and have a wonderful time there. love you too. 🙂

  • Sharon

    Oh love the shoes too, they look so cute and you look very happy.

  • lemondedemina

    Haha, I love the photo of the leaf as an umbrella! I mean, what more do you need? Another nice post, makes good reading 🙂

  • monica @ transplanting me

    love the pics…

    i see passionfruit in the purple and yellow picture. so glad to see it at the market now!!

  • Juli Jarvis

    Love these photos you shared with us — especially the sponsor teaching her child how to ride a bike — and yes! Mangosteen & mustard!

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