A Bush of Flowers And the Unexpected SMS

this morning was an episode of woes after i stepped out of my rooms. my bicycle’s brakes were loose…and i never noticed it. as i was gliding out of my apartment’s gate, i almost ran into a few motorbikes that were lining up on the street. i pushed the brakes real hard but it wouldn’t stop still.

it was a morning horror. i thought i’d get hit, injured and sent to a hospital.

then as i rode along the main street, there were a few more mishaps – a car uncarefully zoomed past my turtle-speed bike and almost threw me off the seat, a motorcycle driving in the wrong lane and wouldn’t let me in and rain drizzling down.

my spirit was drenched with frustration. i didn’t think i would bloom bright today. “it’s gonna be a terrible day for sure”, i thought.

just then, a bush of purple-blue flowers caught my sight. they were dancing in the wind joyfully…uncaring of what might or might not go wrong. they were made to be beautiful and were proud to show to the world that they are.

(didn’t take this picture by myself but it is similar to what i saw)

with that small encounter, my heart was already lifted.

later on, i got a little text message from my friend, who normally wouldn’t call or text unless he or i had something to work on together. that one sentence of “feeling better yet” suddenly switched the light on. surprised, yes…but more so…grateful.

 i wasn’t feeling well the other day but now i’m all up and about, excited and strangely content. 🙂 have you ever had that moment when you suddenly feel like the weight you’ve carried for so long is lifted and you can trust in the Lord wholeheartedly for whatever might happen to you…doesn’t matter if it’s a fatal accident, a severe disease or an unforgiveable failure? 

sometimes we wonder if life’s gonna be better; if the rain will ever come; if our parents will ever talk to us again; if our financial situation will be resolved; if the world will ever be peaceful; if this heartbreak will ever stop; if our child will ever behave; if our spouse will only listen to us; if..if..if…

“if” is just a word of imagination. we can’t solve any problems or turn things upside down with “if”. rather, we look at life, people, circumstances and the world as it is with no prejudice and presumption.

then we will realize that we are broken humanity. as we embrace our brokenness, we tear down the bar that puts people on different sides. no more you or me. it’s you and me

grace enters the world.

give someone today a bouquet of flowers or a random message. you might just make his or her day. 🙂

“whatever the circumstances, whatever the call, whatever the duty, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifice – God’s strength will be your strength in your hour of need.” – billy graham


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

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