Trust In God’s Plan

“could i have done something better?”, the question keeps burning in my heart? my friend introduced me to a guy at church whom he’s been talking about for so long. but the moment we shook hands, i was suddenly a mute girl. i don’t even know his name. he’s a youth leader…and a man with his own style. what i liked about him the most was his acoustic electric ebony guitar and how his fingers created beautiful sound from the instrument. there, i said it. i already took a liking to him when i barely know him or anything about him. what i knew was that he knew me beforehand too, that my friend must’ve told him he would introduce me to him.

this was so depressing. suddenly, i felt a sense of inadequacy. the phrase “not enough” constantly flushed over me. maybe i’m not good looking enough, thin enough or smart enough. satan took the moment of uncertainty into doubt. it made me wonder if i’m ever good enough to experience love.

but as this man shared the scripture from proverbs 3:5-6, God was reminding me that He is in control and that i belong to Him, the King of all kings…the Beauty of it all.

 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

i don’t have to worry about whether or not he’ll make a move. all i need to do is to trust God and watch His miracle. there could be nothing coming out of this meeting at all. or perhaps vice versa. but i’ll wait and see because i want to be in His will.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

6 responses to “Trust In God’s Plan

  • monica @ transplanting me

    mink, something already has come out of this meeting. learning to ignore the voice that says you’re not enough is huge. wait on God – he’s got good things for you.

  • Sharon

    I agree with Monica, and I know it is not easy to wait upon God, when we feel time is getting away from us. From experience it is so so so much better to wait upon God than to go with our own agenda. We can get ourselves in so much pain and hurt. With the work you do and your devotion to kids and God you would not want anything less than what God has for you. You are ENOUGH!!!!

    • Minkster

      kawp khun mak ka, sharon! yeah, waiting upon God is never easy. but that’s the best thing to do. have you ever heard of a poem by russel kelfer called “wait”? i have it printed out and hung in front of my desk here so that whenever i’m desperate, i will look at it and know that God is in control. 🙂 check it out.

  • Kristie

    Thanks Mink for sharing this with us. I have had the same exact thoughts go through my mind more times then I can count. You have reminded me to not always seek control, there is something bigger happening and I need to trust in that. I may not know you well but I do know you are certainly good enough for what is meant for you…if others can’t see that it is their loss!

    • Minkster

      kristie, thank you for your kind word. i think the “not enough” has been haunting us, human, for so long a time that we usually blame ourselves….when it isn’t really us at all. i learned that all of us are good and beautiful. we all carry the dignity and beauty of the One who created us. and no one can take that away.

      by the way, i love your new blog look! keep more recipes coming. 🙂

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