At the Calvary

for a little over a year, i had stopped feeling wanting to go to church. sometimes i spent 30 minutes on saturday night pondering over where to go or what to do on the next morning…simply because i wasn’t committed to any church. when one isn’t a part of a congregation, it is quite intimidating and discouraging.

we never like to feel like a stranger, do we?

but please celebrate with me today…because i woke up to find myself so eager and excited to go to church, a place where i eventually can call it “home” and where i get refueled by fellowshipping with other body parts of Christ.

i don’t know most of the people there yet. and i barely have any ideas what is being spoken in the karen language. but i fit in there…and that’s what matters. i don’t feel like a nobody or a guest. i am mink. i am acknowledged and welcomed.

i am especially grateful for the youth group, who are university students and young adults my age. they are friendly and include me in their activities or conversation.

my karen learning is at a turtle pace but there is some encouraging progress. i can memorize all of the consonants, vowels and tones right now. i am able to put letters together, although not always correct. i can remember some words. the most impressive is that i can read 75% fluently and sing karen songs. achievement, yay!

this week we learned a very beautiful song composed by “dahbu” (the guy i mentioned early on). the music was great but the meaning of it, when i pondered long enough, brought tears to my eyes. so i want to share it with you and perhaps the lyrics would touch your heart the way it did mine.

(i translated it from karen to english. so please bear with my simple language. 🙂 )

have a blessed week.

do you know that, at the Calvary,

Jesus had revealed  His love to us

because of our iniquity,

Christ was brought down

and nailed to the cross

*we’re the reason why Christ had laid down His life

 the love of the cross, to the world, was shown

**so let us offer our love to Jesus

offer all that we have to Him

offer our talents…our everything…

for He gives us love…through the cross


About Mink Gough

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

3 responses to “At the Calvary

  • Sharon

    Boy you always seem to hit me right at the right time. Since moving to Texas almost a year ago I still have not found a church, I have visited a lot of them and they are very good, but I have not found a true home yet. I am going back to IL in September for a week and can not wait to go to my home chuch there. Love the song it says it all. Praise HIS Holy Name!!!

    • Minkster

      i do hear what you mean. it took me 2 years to find this place. so everything is worth waiting for, dear. God works miracles everyday. 🙂 i pray you’ll find your true home in texas soon.

  • Minkster

    sorry. i had to change the name of the post/ song because the place where jesus died wasn’t in galilee (i knew that…but what was i thinking?) but at calvary (or golgotha) in jerusalem. thus the change.

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