Unexpected Gifts, Seriously?

God does not only hear our prayer but answer them in the most amazing, unexpected ways.

this morning, i was just moping on my bed…feeling a little dejected about being sick. i am not used to it. i mean, since i came up to chiang-mai, i had barely got sick. i had to go to the hospital once to get my eyes checked. that, and a few other times i had minor headache or stomach ache. and i just wished that something good might happen today.

a child-like prayer. i did not even say it out loud or seriously prayed about it. just a wish in my heart.

but God likes to throw us a big surprise. He delights in making us shriek with laughter and joy when we see the opened presents.

my colleague, kwan, called me before noon about our trip to china next week. then she asked me if i wanted anything for lunch or had any craving…because she would bring me those. i was deeply grateful and overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtfulness.

before one o’clock, she and 3 other friends from compassion, came by my apartment to bring me a box of maccaroni and a huge bag of grapes!  their presence and prayer were like drops of rain on dry land.

i could not ask for more.

then i talked to my mom and the guy from church. they told me that they were going to pray for me. that was another blessing from our Father. just the “it’s okay if you cannot make it tonight (to the prayer meeting). we will be praying for you.” was more than enough. if i could, i would rather be there at the prayer meeting with all of my friends and church family…but…God wanted me to rest. and so i am at rest.

in the evening, i took a walk around the river and also went to get some food. the sun already set and the sky turned navy blue. then i caught a shimmering spot up in the sky…and i thought to myself, “ha! that must be just a lantern people floated again.” but when i carefully looked at it, it was a diamond in the night sky…sparkling silver. there were other stars present tonight as well. i could not remember the last time i gazed at the sky and had to catch my breath.

the beauty of God. stunning. magnificent. and yet…soothing.

thus, i say a prayer of thanks to the Lord God our Father…for all He has done…for how humble He is despite His greatness.

to care enough to fill a grumpy sick woman’s day with gifts, laughter, heart-warming prayer and incomparable beauty is what YHWH does, seriously?



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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

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