Weekend With Mo

my little sister, mo, is here to visit. it was an unplanned trip for both of us. mom saw that i was sick. so she sent mo to be my nurse and friend. praise the Lord. it was the right timing because she is having a month break from her internship. ūüôā

we have been doing a lot of fun things together. yesterday, we went to the nimmanhemin¬†road, a spot for restaurants, art galleries and book stores. we spent some good time browsing the book store and having a cold glass of peach ice tea. mmmm. it was really good for a hot afternoon. then we decided to¬†do a window-shopping although at the end i¬†realized that it was not the best idea for a still sick person like me. trudging in the heat made me really exhausted when i¬†sat down at the “salad concept” restaurant. if you come to chiang-mai, do visit and enjoy your low-carb and fresh meal here. there is a variety of vegetables, meat (salmon, roast beef¬†and¬†chicken breast), other side dishes (cheese, croutons, potato salad, tofu, etc.) and salad dressings for you to pick. it was a huge serving but i gulped them all down. really tasty.

today has been more laid-back. we decided to stay in for the whole day and did the long-awaited housework that i had pushed off for a long time since i got sick. mo helped me with laundry, getting my bike fixed, buying me lunch and purchasing a light bulb for my bathroom (i had showered in the dark for almost 2 months. pathetic, i know). i was not allowed to leave the room. so i did what i could, which was including tidying up our bed and mattress, sweeping and mopping the floor and hand-washing some of our clothes.

in the evening, i¬†took mo to the church music practice. amazing time. i¬†have developed my reading skill so much that it is even surprising to me. and this past week, i¬†was not able to go to the mid-week prayer meeting. so it was wonderful to see all the familiar faces again. i¬†think i am addicted to…this God-given place and people. can we be addicted to church? wow. having mo by my side made me even more comfortable around my new friends too.

anyway, tomorrow i am going to sing the special song during youth group. i am still a bit worried about my voice. i have been  coughing a lot these past 2 days. but i know that it will work out well and that what i will perform will be pleasing to His ear.

so thank you for your prayer and encouragement. i am off now to watch “knowing”.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

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