Tidbits From Here And There

i think putting up posts this month will be quite a challenge for me. i have a very tight traveling schedule. i am going to guilin, china, tomorrow until september 13. then i will be in bangkok for 2 more days to run some personal errands.

it feels a little strange…leaving chiang-mai to a different country altogether for a week and a half. it sounds crazy, i know. but my heart has found home. at the thought of leaving tomorrow makes me feel a bit queasy. of course, i am thrilled for the opportunity to go abroad…to a new place i will discover many things. but i will also start counting down my days to come back as well. wow.

God has been good to me. He has bestowed upon me blessings after blessings. first of all, the loan we applied for was granted. and we are in the process of signing papers and finishing up other legal stuff. hopefully, we will be packing and moving in to the new house before december. yay!

second, God has shown me how much i am loved by Him and people around me during the week of my sickness. notes sent. presents bough. encouraging words spoke. my heart…uplifted. despite my physical weakness, my soul was strengthened. i still cough a lot and have runny nose in the morning. but it soon shall pass.

third, my little sister’s visit. it has been great 4 days with her. last night, after we got back from church at 8:30pm, we were so tired that we couldn’t do anything. even watching movie was too much for me. so we chilled. mo was using computer while i was laying down close by…listening to christmas jazz, munching potato chips and relishing memories from sunday. it was a simple but great moment. a moment to remember. yeah. i don’t need to describe anything. you know how the presence of a person you love can brighten your day. 🙂

fourth,God has answered my prayer about the guy at church. he eventually speaks to me…not in an obligated way. he was actually making an effort to talk to me and get acquainted with me. that, i am grateful for.

fifth, for the opportunity to go to china. i am attending a writing and photography training in guilin with two other friends from thailand. we will be meeting up with others from different countries. this is my second time out of thailand. the first one was 2 years ago when i visited laos. so i am a little nervous and unsure about what to expect. but it is going to be an adventure. i will take lots of pictures. 🙂

well, i have to go now. i have not started packing yet. and it’s 9 o’clock at night. tomorrow is going to be a long day. i  don’t know how much internet access i’m going to get. but if i have a chance, i will keep you posted!


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