First Day of Traveling

today started at 4:15am for me. now it’s 11:00pm, local time in guilin, china. we took 3 flights altogether: chiangmai – bangkok, bangkok – guangzhao and guangzhao – guilin.

praise God, i barely had any cough or dizziness…just some headache in the afternoon because of dehydration. 🙂 He is the Great Physician indeed.

i still find it hard to believe that i am actually in china…that i am not in thailand anymore. i used to have dreams about going to other countries like france or america. but i ended up disappointed when i woke up. when i was boarding the plane in bangkok, i almost had to pinch myself to see if i wasn’t sleeping.

it’s amazing. i look forward to this week of learning, getting to know new friends and experiencing God. i want to be exposed to what He has in store for me as much as possible…because i know that this training will benefit so many others in the future. i need to work hard and do my best.

wow, there are lots on my mind. if i have some down time, i will attempt to reflect on that. for now, i hope you enjoy the photos i took on our 1st day. 🙂

thank you so much for your support, prayer and encouragement.

i love and miss all of you so badly. i hate to say this…but i’m beginning to get homesick.

our taxi to the airport. at 5:30am.

sunrise in chiang-mai, at 7:00am

our breakfast, sweet chicken w/ spinach and cheese sandwich

bangkok sky, 8:00am

can't be too careful. i was sick. but now i'm healed. praise God! 🙂

waiting to check in our flight to guangzhao. we were still laughing at the time.

boarded our 2nd flight. getting a bit tired from walking all over the suvarnabhumi. 12:00pm

our lunch with china southern. grateful for food but glad there was salt and pepper. 🙂

landed in guangzhao at 3:30pm. i could have got caught taking this picture! there was an officer strutting around making sure everyone behaved well.

1st bathroom experience, 5 stars. this is a censor flush toilet. it was not what i expected.

still in guangzhao, in the boarding area, around 5:00pm

2nd bathroom experience from the same airport. i thought the toilet was broken. but every room is exactly like this...with no lid and proper flush-handle. but i was still okay with it.

sunset in guangzhao, around 6:00pm

somebody sneezed and coughed. hence, the masks.

sunset in guangzhao, around 6:30pm

arrived in guilin at 7:00pm. 3rd bathroom experience. i walked away.

the guilin airport

we drove for another hour to our resort in yangshuo. the staff welcomed us with a glass of fresh orange juice and a plate of homemade cookies. mmm.

our home for the next 6 days.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

4 responses to “First Day of Traveling

  • monica @ transplanting me

    mink – i pray you guys have a fantastic time!! love the squatty potty – i can always tell what kind of bathroom a place has by how quickly my kids return from it. if they return so fast there is no way they had time to use it it’s definitely a squatty potty.

  • Tooktik

    Have fun with new place, new people and new expression ^^ Looking forward to hear ur update.

    Always in our pray !!

  • Charlie Taylor

    Great update Mink. I felt the same way when we traveled to Thailand in 2007. We left the U.S.A. at night and there was no light until we arrived in Hong Kong in the morning so there was very little sense of the distance we actually traveled. it was hard to believe we were 10,000 miles from home.

  • Ekk Ignition

    Hello … Have a good time and gain more experiences there ^__^

    And plz, upload new more photos … I love to see them

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