2nd Day: Writing Techniques and Yangshuo Views

the internet was down last night due to the storm, or at least what i perceived it to be. i heard the thunder roaring a couple of times. but i was asleep before it could hear the pittering-pattering on my window. 🙂  

now the clock shows 6:24am, but it is actually 7:24 here. although it’s only an hour ahead, i feel like i can barely catch up with the time here. i have to type fast and get breakfast soon before the session starts at 8:30. i miss thailand.  

yesterday, we learned about writing for the whole day from 8:30-5:00. just like a normal work day. 🙂 it was interesting to know that sometimes adverbs can ruin my story (?!) like totally awesome. my instructor said that awesome is already AWESOME. i don’t need “totally” to emphasize it. that kinda bummed me out because i love the phrase. 😉 

another thing was that different audiences from our sponsoring countries want to hear different things such as the americans would want to hear feel-good, heart-warming stories while the koreans love anything dramatic.  

i got to partner with a guy from india, justin, who wrote a provoking story about the infanticide and women’s value in india. it broke my heart. there, in a remote village, the killing of baby girls still exist. if you are the firstborn or the 2nd child, you have a chance to live. but if you are the 3rd one, it’s too much cost and risk involved. for example, there is an eye-piercing ceremony which it indicates that the girls are turning into women. they have to throw a huge feast for everybody else to come. that is an expense. and if the girl is getting married, the parents have to pay for dowry. another expense. thus, the babies are given little attention when they are first born; forced to drink cactus milk and boiling-hot water.  

i simply couldn’t believe it! it isn’t only an act of murder but abuse! before the babies draw their last breath, how long do they have to suffer the methods? and what would the parents be thinking at the moment seeing their babies gagging and passing away before their eyes?  

i could only shake my head in disbelief.  

but his story drew the conclusion that the child survival program entered into some of the parents’ lives and rescued many girls. praise God for compassion indeed.  

after the session is over, my friend, kwan, and i, went for a little excursion outside of the resort. but we could only walk for 500 meters and had to run back in because the cars and trucks were zooming past us and left a lot of dust for us to breathe in. but we did get some beautiful shots from inside the resort too.  

so i’m posting some on here. please continue to pray for us. today, we are learning about the art of interviewing and photography. in the evening, we are visiting a local village in yangshuo.  

i pray you have a good day…and that God is drawing you nearer to Him.  

the yulong river is one of the gorgeous view we get from the resort


chinese lunch


amber, our teacher. she has published 5 books already.


we have fun moments like this.


and some serious moments too


our story of "queen amber" and "prince ricky" with the mermaid


it says "no honking"...but chinese don't care. i almost fell off the road once because of the honking.


this lady was riding furiously.


an old truck by the side of the road with kwan, my friend


the bike-riding group


view of the mountain at 5:30 in the evening


with a guy sunbathing and waiting to watch the sunset


p.kwan 🙂


people rafting down the river


sun setting


me 🙂


my supper, not what i ordered. p.kwan asked for lemon juice but they made this for us - lemon chicken with french fries.


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2 responses to “2nd Day: Writing Techniques and Yangshuo Views

  • monica

    mink – sounds like you’re learning a lot and it’s totally awesome. we americans do like our heart-warming, feel good stories!
    i didn’t realize this was a compassion event. i just mentioned to michael that there’s a guy in this picture that looks just like rick!
    blessings on you guys!

  • monica

    i meant to use the code for strong, not strike! and only on the word totally! oops. i think you can still read it.

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