3rd Day: Photography Techniques and the West Street

it is already 11:30pm here. and i am so beat. today was extremely long. most of our time were spent in learning about photography techniques. although i do want to be a good photographer, one who draws out the best of the photo subject to the viewers, i figured that it is harder…way harder…than i thought. all the technical terms like the matrix, center weight and spot metering, the f-stop, the aperture, the interesting angles, the depth of field and so many more are brain frying. but i learned a great deal…and i am so thankful for the opportunity.

in the evening, we went to the west street, a famous shopping spot for yangshuo town. it was neat to be out of the resort area…to experience how the chinese live their lives, to hear the vendors shouting, to smell the rain and the smog and to taste different authentic food.

the streets in china, though less wild than in philippines, indonesia or india, were still crazy. our van driver had to swoop past some cars that drove towards us. the lanes did not help. people drove anywhere and any ways they wanted. p.kwan and i had a good laugh about it.

then the van dropped us off at the west street. i was surprised at how westernized it was. a lot of architecture reflect the european influences. we had a great time taking pictures. we met an angry fruit lady, who would not let us take her picture unless we paid her; walked into a bunch of chinese furiously shouting something to each other; saw a hunchback man whose face was a few inches off the ground and a beggar and ran in the rain.

it was a great experience. i was tearing up a bit while having dinner because the food was not as tasty as at home. when things are not right, my mood tends to go downhill…especially when i am far away from people i love. but after a bit of shopping, i felt better…and was ready to get back into the adventure again. i think sometimes all a woman needs is a privilege to shop. 🙂

anyway, tomorrow we are going to shoot photos in the real fields. my group will get to document the life of a rafter. it will be interesting. then in the afternoon, we are going bike-riding. yay! so i should head to bed now. 🙂

thank you for taking time to read my story and look at my pictures.

celebrating rick's birthday. he turned 46 yesterday.

beautiful cake

coca cola!

story telling session

all the currencies i have in my wallet: thai baht, chinese yuan and us dollar

the field communication specialists 🙂

it was a chaos. cars, motorbikes and pedestrians were everywhere.

me at the west street

the angry fruit lady


the hunchback man

i can't imagine what life is like for him. God often shows me things i can't understand.

me, provashish from india and p.kwan

i love the earrings but i didn't want to buy them. so this is for my keepsake. 🙂

the beggar on the street

p.kwan trying on her new sunglasses. it was 60 yuan or about 300 baht. a bit expensive.

if you know what it means, do tell me. 🙂

local handicraft shop

architecture on the street

time for a cool break! ice tea with lemon was heavenly. 🙂

our dinner

it was such a huge serving that i thought, "how am i gonna finish all of these stuff?!"

the energy of the place was so vibrant despite the rain.

wet and colorful street


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