4th and 5th Day: Adventures and Friendship

it’s hard to believe that the training is coming to its close. tomorrow will be our last day in yangshuo. then monday will be a full-on traveling again. our flight is at 8 in the morning. then we have a layover in guangzhou for almost 6 hours. dreading. dreading. dreading. but p.kwan and i have talked about maybe going to take a walk around the city for a bit. we shall see. 🙂

yesterday was filled with adventures. it brought my spirit back up to the fun mode. in the morning, we were out in the local village shooting pictures for our photo essay assignment. we were split into 3 groups taking photos of a rice farmer, a vegetable farmer and a raftman. my group is the raftman.  

it was neat following him and visiting his home and family. it seems that the villagers in yangshuo are mainly farmers and laborers. agriculture and tourist industry are the major parts of income for the people here.  

i was a bit nervous shooting pictures from a dslr camera (thanks to rick who lent it to me). everyone seemed well-acquainted with what they are doing and seemed to know what they wanted. but i can say that i did my best and that i’m pleased with the final results of my shoot. 🙂  

in the afternoon, we went out for a 2-hour bike ride. at first, when rick told us, i thought he was just joking. but, of course, for the next 2 hours, we were riding through about 10 villages in the yangshuo countryside…passing through rice fields, orange orchards and osmanthus gardens (i’m still trying to figure out what osmanthus is though. all i know is that they are a type of herbal flowers.)  

the weather was super hot. so i was glad when our ride was over and we could get on the bamboo raft. i didn’t know it at first but we actually had been going on in a circle. we could see the spot where we stopped to take pictures from the yulong river.  

after the rafting, we had to bike for another 20 minutes back to the hotel. by the time we got back in, we were so fried.  

at night, some of us gathered together to sing and play music. we found the guitar from the hotel lobby so we borrowed it for the night. it was a great time of fellowship and getting to know each other more. i was thankful for the opportunity. we actually have the vdo clips of our singing. when i get them from my friends, i’ll try to post them up on here.  

today, we were back to our normal routine of learning. thank God. outdoor activity is fun and great but a full day of it is enough. i was eager to be inside and looked forward to gleaning as much as possible from what kelly had to say.  

i think the videography training has helped me to understand photography better.  

like i said, the weather has been hot…as usual. the food…umm…so so. although some dishes are similar to thai food, they are less flavorful. i haven’t been able to eat much of the chinese food these past 2 days.the 1st thing i’ll do when i get back is to find some spicy papaya salad and hot tomyum to eat. even thinking about it makes my mouth water.   

this evening, i was able to spend a quiet time with God, play some worship songs and talk to Him. priceless. there’re always people around here…and time is not my own. so just that small portion of time to be in His presence was enough to keep me go on with joy.  

tomorrow will be an early start. we have our devotion at 7:00am. but it’ll be great. 🙂 we have the guitar…so we’ll be able to sing some songs. hehehe. 🙂 so…i’m going to say goodnight here. and hope you enjoy the photos!  

the yulong river is the infamous spot for bamboo rafting. we're following a life of a raftman today.




mr. li ji da, our raftman


i noticed that chinese people love to smoke.


on the way to his house


mr. li and his wife at their home


inside their house


i don't know what it's called in chinese or english. but in thai, we call it "nam tao".


mr. li's family


strong hands


amazing smile


the river man




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