i am back in thailand. the last night in china was memorable. we joined together in one room to hang out, to sing, to watch other people’s photos and to swap stories. although my field was different from the rest, i felt one of them…accepted and loved.

i am so grateful to God for the trip, the new knowledge and techniques i learned during the training, the amazing experiences and the new friendships i established.

on monday, we were traveling all day. i got back home in bangkok around 8:30pm, exhausted and in need of sleep.but bangkok has never looked so great to me before. i was almost in tears when the familiar sights and sounds were surrounding me again.

there were two exciting things happened while i am here. first one was the opportunity to share Jesus to a taxi driver. second was that we, our family, just bought a house. it is now legal and official. it was amazing to witness God’s stubborn will and how He provided for us everything we needed to get this house even when we were not ready.

the taxi driver’s story

on monday night, after going through the immigration and waving goodbye to my friend, i went straight to get a cab home. i had to wait in line for about 5 minutes. then a southern-looking man with dark skin and curly hair came to haul my luggage into the car.

while i was reminiscing my time in china, he broke the silence by making small talk. at some points, i noticed that he wanted to say something. so i straightforwardly said, “if you wouldn’t mind sharing, i am willing to listen. maybe i can’t help you with your problems. but i can give you an ear.”

the next sentence that came out of his mouth was , “my problem is that i’m afraid to die.”

i was so blown away by his honest answer. and i breathed thanks to God who gave me the opportunity to witness to him. he is a strong buddhist, believing in karma, good deeds and self. hearing him speak magnified the Lord’s greatness even more. slowly, i felt inadequate. i silently begged God to reveal Himself to the driver because i would not be able to do it on my own.

because…the story wasn’t about me. it was about Him.

for an hour, we were able to share our beliefs, the differences and what life means. i let him talk for a good portion of time and asked him questions. but there was one point where i had to speak up because i was running out of time. and God opened the door.

he asked me, “why then, if God actually exists, would He allow america to make war against iraq?” (i apologize if this could be offensive to my american fellows.) so i explained to Him how God never created evil but wanted all the good things to happen to mankind. but He also allowed space for us to make choices. eventually, everything that happens in this earth will point to Him and everyone will know that He is God.

then i mentioned something about His forgiveness even to the most unforgivable person on earth. that got his attention. he was like, “no way. no one can ever forgive those rapists or those who caused genocide in many countries. there is no way.” that led us to God’s grace and salvation.

i will not go into details here but i am sure that God worked within his heart that night. he eventually admitted that a lot of his friends and neighbors changed their “religion”…that he was the only stubborn one who would not become a christian because buddhism has been his only religion since he was born.

i personally felt His presence with us. when i shared about God’s love, the scriptures in ephesians 2:8-9 and philippians 4:13 and His longing for people who wandered away from Him, i experienced His passion…and was almost crying in front of the driver. it was a divine moment…a confirmation to why i am here on this earth. and i want to live the rest of my life doing it despite the costs.

so would you pray with me for this lost soul that he would give Jesus a chance? he had heard all that he needed to hear. but what good would the witness do without the power of prayer?

the home story

another thing i mentioned earlier is about our new house. now that all the paper-signing and the legal stuff are over, i can sit down and think back at how God almost had to thrust this house into our hands.

we nearly gave up many times before because getting the loan from the banks was so difficult and disheartening. we considered declining the offer from the owner of the house when he said that he would wait for as long as it would take for us to come to him with the money.

but God has been faithful. when He promises us something, nothing can hinder Him from giving that to us.

the loan was granted from the bank. we had enough money to cover the legal expenses without having to borrow from anyone yesterday. we will be moving in before november (i think). what exciting is that our church in nonthaburi will likely build its new building right across our home! isn’t that just…wow!…? i could see that He has got something planned out for our family. even though we don’t see it just yet, He put us there for a reason.

so this entry is pretty much about sharing my experiences from these last few days. i thank you for your prayer and encouragement. i am deeply grateful.

now i will have to go pack and get ready for my flight back to chiang-mai. then two more days of work until i get to see the church people. i miss them…sorely.


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