The Prodigal God

to truly become christians we must also repent of the reasons we ever did anything right. pharisees only repent of their sins, but christians repent for the very roots of their righteousness, too. we must learn how to repent of the sin under all our other sins and under all our righteousness – the sin of seeking to be our own savior and lord. we must admit that we’ve put our ultimate hope and trust in things other than God, and that in both our wrongdoing and rightdoing we have been seeking to get around God or get control of God in order to get hold of these things.”

– the prodigal God (timothy keller, page 78)

it is mind-blowing. i am still weighing which son i am more likely to be, the angry resentful elder brother or the free-spirited and careless younger one. i hope i am neither.

to realize that i am prone to be either one of these in different situations in my life is heart breaking. i want to be a person whose motive is ALWAYS pure and God-oriented. but that is not the nature of human to do so.

thank God we have Jesus.

when i first read the passage above, i wondered if i were to feel guilty and shameful for all the sins i commit to experience repentance. it seemed to me that whatever we do, there are faults in us. and we can never get away from them.

but the image in my mind didn’t go well with the picture of God i have. He is Someone who longs to delight in us when we do something good…Someone who yearns for His sons and daughters to be open and honest when they do wrong.

we must never misplace God. He is the King of the earth, the Creator of all things, the Ruler of nations and the Love of our life. He deserves to be the center of all things. and we are to be by His side…walking with Him day by day.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

2 responses to “The Prodigal God

  • Charlie Taylor

    Mink, I believe you are being way too hard on yourself. Perfection is only achieved when we pass on to Heaven. Gods grace is sufficient, as long as you live a life of repentance which it appears like you are doing. I dont think God gets upset or loves us any less if our minds are not on him continuously.

  • John

    This site is very informative. Nice post by the way.

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