Work Hard, Play Hard

i just got back from the translator meeting, an event for compassion letters and visits translators. it was a fun-filled evening but a lot of work and preparation before the actual event took place. 

an example would be me being glued to my desk and computer screen trying to finish up the 1st newsletter for our translators. p.yui came up with this idea and i tried to use all the creativity i had to make one. i’d never done it before. although i was a bit nervous doing it, it was great fun. challenge is nerve-racking but rewarding. the picture below is one of our translators reading the front page of the newsletter: 


in the evening, i was dressing up in the traditional karen outfit. first time. i had so much fun! the outfit was comfortable. my friend, gao, half-begged and half-dragged me into her friend’s coffee shop to get my hair done. sounds weird, i know. but when i walked in, opinions were exchanged on how to do my hair, whether i should let it down or tie it up. some girls went into the front yard to get plumerias to tuck into my hair. another lady went behind the kitchen to get her purse and brought out a whole bunch of bobby pins. 

although i am not used to dressing up and felt a bit intimidated, here’s the end results…and i had a blast: 

me and my friends, gao and say

for me, too much work is never daunting as long as i have the strength to do it. like philippians 4:13 says, God is my strength…and i can do all things through Him. just have to keep in mind that i must never procrastinate. tehehe. that’s my weakest point.

so work hard and play hard! it’s a reward of your life while you’re on earth. 🙂


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