Without Love, You Lose

i can only do so much in a day. speaking encouraging words. making phone calls. visiting the sick. praying for the church. but without love in all the deeds, everything means nothing.

for why should we live and breathe if there was no love? God is the Love who enters into human’s life. He brings into our heart what we have missed for so long. but we don’t normally see Him. our own righteousness is too important. and we tell Him to stay aside.

we can only do so much until we can bear it no more. can you say with full confidence that you don’t need this love?

without love, you lose.

last night, i was talking to jib, an LDP student and a friend, about how we never show love enough to those around us. we’ve both lost someone we hold so dear to our hearts. and we feel that we didn’t tell these people how much we appreciated them. it filled my heart with sadness.

i’m reminded once again that this life is so short and we’re passing every minute. i can never know how long my loved ones are going to be here on earth. thus, i’m resolute in living “love in action” in every single moment i breathe.

but it’s never easy. sometimes i end up doing something so opposite to what i feel. like right now. circumstances lead me to act against my heart’s desire. how can i show my church members or youth group i love them without making them feel awkward? how can i let them know? there’s this love within me that makes my heart full…and it’s spilling. i need a cup…to fill this love…so that it won’t be wasted.

sometimes love is painful.

below passage is a journal entry i wrote last year about love. the revelation came from looking through Jesus’ characters. so, here you go:

“His love is the essence of who He is, which enables us to love Him in return. When we know His love, we don’t need explanations” – A quote from a book called “British Columbia”.

It is love that makes the world revolves around itself and orbits the sun. It is love, which is originated from God that sacredly holds to its true meaning. Jesus loves us violently from head to toe. It’s incredible to comprehend such love. It is already powerful enough for a man to love another woman…but to imagine a “person” loves the whole world, which at present has about 6.781,000,000 or more people, not including the older generations that passed away and the ones that are to come. How much love can it be gushed out of a person if he isn’t the source of love himself?

So willing and ready to love is Jesus. Yet what has He received? Pain we bring Him by our rejections and pride. But Jesus’ love teaches me another lesson – that love isn’t an accomplishment of a task…to win someone’s heart by verbal persuasion. It is a quiet joy to extend the exuberant affection and good will to another being despite their fallen nature. In another word, love is sufficient in itself. My question is “are we willing to experience the most arduous pleasure of loving by risking our lives in the others and allowing others to risk in ours when love is already there? Are we ready to give and receive this love, of which its foundation traces back to the existence of the very first Person to teach us what it truly means to love?

Love doesn’t probably mean doing “good” things only but doing something “radically” and “differently”. Love gives us power to perform an act that can shock the bewildered world. Love humbles us to go an extra mile. Love breaks the wall of selfishness and allows us to think of others first. Love sustains us with courage to have mercy on those who hate us. Love rebukes evils. Love does not compromise. It is fierce and strong-willed when it comes to protecting its lovers. Love prevails.

Love, such a short word but is so powerful that one’s life cannot be the same when encounters with love. I am not the same since the day I received Love into my life. Yea, the fighting will continue since I’m still living in the flesh but I know who I am and whom I belong.

i’m praying and hoping that one day i will know how to love the way He does and be able to do it. but with what i have right now, i’m bringing it to Him and asking Him to fill me up…for i can’t love on my own.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

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