Saturday In Bangkok

as much as i love being home, i terribly miss my church and youth group tonight. around 6 o’clock this evening, while walking in a crowded mall, i remembered that…in chiang-mai…my friends were having the music practice at church. and it bummed me out a little bit not being able to be there. 😦

have you ever felt this – when you miss someone or something so badly your heart can’t almost bear it?

i miss the quiet and humble characters of the karens i’ve come to love; the uniqueness of their culture; the solid foundation in their root; the love for their own people and the way they hold on to one another…most importantly, their smile and their presence.

but as we all know, the present will soon become the past and it will shape the future. thus, it is here and now that i am with my mom and my middle sister.

we had a wonderful saturday. mom went to buy flowers for church in the morning while me and my sister slept in. then we watched “letters to juliet” before lunch. such a romantic movie! it made me want to be in love with someone even more. tehehe. 🙂 then p.dee, mai’s boyfriend, came with our lunch – kao mun gai (chicken with rice). mmmm, yum! around 3 o’clock, mom came back feeling exhausted. so she sat down to drink a cup of hot coffee, a few guava slices and a banana muffin before we went off to a car tent and the mall.

the reason we stopped by the car tent was because i’m hoping to buy a car in this upcoming year. but my budget is quite tight and can’t afford too pricey one. so a used car is a better option for me. i’m still praying if this is what i should do. i knew that if i owned a car, i would use it for others. i understand well how having no transportation of one’s own can be difficult. so whenever possible, i’d like to be able to pick up or take people to places. that’s my goal. we’ll see…

in the evening, we had an incredible dinner at the sizzlers, my all-time-favorite restaurant. i haven’t had it for so long that i ate too much! after going to the karen church for a few months, my lifestyle and eating attitude have changed so much. my karen friends are so laid-back and not very fussy with eating. i have been used to eating and enjoying burmese and karen food so much that i didn’t bother thinking about pizza, spaghetti, burgers or potatoes at all.  they also don’t snack. when it’s time to eat, they concentrate on eating. you should see their serving…it is like a mountain of rice in a plate! when they’re done, they don’t go looking for ice-cream or chips. i know some may not agree with this kind of diet…but i found it very helpful to my eating habit…and saves me a lot of money as well. lol anyway, i did have an enjoyable time at the restaurant. salad is always good. 🙂

i don’t have a lot of deep thoughts going on these days…since i’m on my vacation…and i’m not supposed to be thoughtful. lol okay, that was very unthoughtful of me to say that. but you got my point. 😉

so that was pretty much my saturday. not quite productive or eventful…but pleasant and enjoyable. tomorrow, i’m going to church and meet up with some friends i haven’t met for so long. then in the afternoon, i planned to bake some chocolate chips cookies! 🙂 i’ll let you know if i burn the stove. 😉

p.s. i did take some pictures of my trip here. but that will have to wait until i get back to chiang-mai.


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4 responses to “Saturday In Bangkok

  • nk

    I miss you house so much! except romantic movies – -”
    What an interesting perspective of yours, miss.
    Pizzas, burgers, and spaghetti?? Eghh.. those are the foods I see ALL the time, and am always running away from.. haha.
    (It’s not always easy though… that’s the only from free food takes around here XP)
    Send me some of that Kao mUn Gai.. yeah!!

  • nk

    PS. I’m not a purple monster arghhhh >////<

  • nk

    PPS. Like… with green infectious feet?!! Seriously.. how repulsive can I be -___-“

  • Minkster

    lol, sis…you always make me smile. 🙂 well, i did think of you while eating that kao mun gai. so you should feel full na. and i don’t know how to change that purple monster w/ green infectious feet. it might suit you, y’know…or else the computer wouldnt pick it. 😉

    hehe…love you na.

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