Available Only In Bangkok

i hate it when i have to continually say “i’m so busy”. but it’s a reality  in my life right now. i feel like there is not enough time in a day. if God would graciously add 1 more hour to the day or perhaps reduce the workload i’m carrying, i would feel like i could breathe again.

i’m not saying that i’m not loving life though. during this frustrating time, i know that i’m not going through it alone. God uses this busyness to tighten the bond between me and my colleague. and the scripture from ecclesiastes 4 that says, “two are better than one” rings true in this situation.

last week i was hosting a sponsor visit that was like a mini tour in bangkok, at the one and only amusement park in thailand called “dreamworld”. what a day! it was fun, sweaty, crazy and exhausting. i learned that i’m ever to host a group like this again without another compassion staff, i will not translate. while i was paying for the entrance tickets, my sponsor and child were left alone by themselves. i had to run back to be with them. not effective. lesson learned.

we did have fun though. the child came from the northern most part of thailand, close to the burma border. her father, who didn’t have a thai citizenship, also came along with a very young project director, only 25 years old. our sponsors (there were 3 of them supporting 1 girl) were in their sixties while the child was 6 years old. such a huge gap between ages. but they were all so energetic and excited. it took a while to break the ice but the funness of the amusement park did its magic. after the 1st ride, our little girl half-dragged, half-pulled her sponsors to try on different rides. she didn’t speak much but if you looked at her eyes, you’d see sparks in there. precious.

after that day, i stayed in bangkok through the weekend since thailand had its national holiday. at that point, i was too tired to even leave the house. taking a bus to the mall nearby for 15 minutes was too much for me. and i missed out on a lot of great adventures my friends were taking during that weekend. i felt like an old lady…staying at home all the time.

it wasn’t too bad though because i got to spend time with my family…catch up and have fun with them. on sunday, i was hanging out with some close friends from the youth group and went for ice-cream together. there was a newcomer, a grade-12 boy, who happened to be interested in the Gospel. so we sang some worship songs together and shared our personal testimony. afterwards, we went for ice-cream. good time. 🙂

yesterday (monday), i left bangkok at 2 in the afternoon with a group of compassion friends who were visiting bangkok. we were on a truck and stopped several times. so it took longer than usual. we arrived in chiang-mai around 11:30pm. i was too exhausted to even take off my dirty clothes. so i went to bed covering with dirt, car exhaust and soot. call me gross but if you were me, you would do the same thing.

now this week…only 3 more days left. and i haven’t done a half of what i’m supposed to. please, if you read this, say a short prayer for me that God would give me strength and motivation and 2 packs of instant coffee each day to keep me alert, awake and creative.

below are some pictures from this past weekend. i haven’t copied the dreamworld pictures onto this computer yet. so that will have to wait for the next post. enjoy some of my leisure and lazy time at home!

hot shot of mom's espresso


available only in mcdonalds in thailand. you see, it's not always unhealthy junk food. 😉

strangely dressed guy playing isaan music in front of Big C supermarket

me and mai watched "letters to juliet" together. beautiful love story.

my ridiculously thick hair. i never imagined this hair-do could get this big!

mai's creativity on her salad plate.

my church in nonthaburi

the preacher, a modern moses

noi, another adopted sister and me 🙂

tum and nam from youth group

coconut trees that i don't usually see up north

rare picture of my aunt, grandma and mom...altogether

we ate the whole fish. yum.

our swensens ice-cream with youth group

my sister's boyfriend and herself

our stringless guitar

burnt cookies. but may i say that i burnt only 3 batches or 18 pieces. the rest of them are fine. seriously. i just didn't take any pictures. 🙂

mo, i only saw her for 30 minutes before i left home. she just got back from chiang-rai.

on the way back to chiang-mai, we had to stop at a gas station because...

...well, look at that steam coming out of that thing! we thought the truck wouldn't make it but praise God! we're all back home safe and sound.


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