With Gratitude: the Pilgrim’s Path

this morning, i was reading a devotional passage from dr. david jeremiah’s magazine “turning point”. the title was “with gratitude: the pilgrim’s path”. it was what i needed to hear at the moment.

i was still weighed down by the feeling of uselessness and uncertainty about my life and church. as i read each line, i felt that i could relate to the pilgrim’s fathers at some points. one particular part i underlined is this:

besides helping establish a new continent for the “advancement of the christian faith,” as the Mayflower Compact states, the pilgrim fathers have influenced the church around the world by teaching us the value of thanksgiving, even amid trials and tragedies. nothing was easy for them. (emphasis, mine) they were homeless wanderers. they faced displacement, exile, confusion, hunger, frozen winters, rampant disease and frequent death. yet we remember them for their insuppressible attitude of thanksgiving.

“nothing was easy for them.” i got the point very clearly. nothing is easy for me as well. learning language comes at a turtle pace. i feel alone in this journey of exploration and discovery. it will take months to eventually prove myself true and sincere to the karen people’s hearts.

but 1 thessalonians 5:18 reminds me that “in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”. not only should i thank Him for the good things in life but also the suffering, pain, frustration and confusion.

here’s another part that struck me hard:

perhaps as you read these words, you’re beset by a burden that has dispirited your heart. maybe you’re discouraged at work, worried about a family member, troubled by something that’s happening at church, or beleaguered with financial or health issues. but whatever you’re facing, it is not total darkness. it cannot be total darkness when the Lord is present. there have to be shafts of light here and there, a few things for which you can be thankful.

i am burdened by work that seems to pile into a higher mountain each day. i am worried about my family members who are preparing to move in to our new house and some certain issue they are facing. i am discouraged about learning karen language and cultivating friendship with people at church.

BUT i will not be a victim of satan. when Christ rose from the death, sin and death lost its sting. and so i am throwing away self-pitiness and dislikes about things i don’t like about myself. i know that i am imperfect. but the one who created me is not. so i am choosing to let the perfect One complete me. like the song that i have been practicing in karen, the solid Rock. although the storms are coming in, i can still trust in Him and call upon the Heavenly name. Jesus is my Rock…and i am standing firmly on His promises.

i am a wanderer of earth rooted in the Heavenly Realm…

so tonight, i give thanks for:

– the encouragement from friends at work who tell me that i can do it.

– the devotional passage from dr. david jeremiah to remind me again about thanksgiving.

– the will to rise up again and keep learning the language and serving my beloved karens

– a good colleague who understands me and doesn’t blame me when i make mistakes

– the promise of rest after the long trip next week

– God’s presence


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