US Tour: Here Comes the 1st Update

now i am sitting in the warm afternoon air of pattaya city, at the nongnuch tropical garden. it has been 3 days that i have been with the US sponsors. we have visited interesting places such as the tamar center in the heart of pattaya, a place for women in sex trade who desire to change their lives for the better; the pattaya night market where there are rows and rows of bars and prostitutes and TH641, a compassion project in prachinburi province working with city children and whose church’s ministry is a shelter for abused children.

i am doing well but sleep has been scarce. and i am feeling heavily burdened. part of it is the nature of the tour but the bigger part comes from my own guilt and workload that i had procrastinated to do for so long. i feel like my head can explode any moments from now. and i must admit that i am very tired.

i long for deliverance and time of rest.

but i know that i will be able to pull through. yet i also know that i cannot do this on my own. i would appreciate prayer support so much. please pray for yui and i as we are hosting the tour for another 6 days. we will go to chiang-mai tonight, stay for 2 days and then visit a project in chiang-rai during the weekend. there will be, of course, the child visit day, where all of the 25 children from all over the country will gather in one place. with yui’s calculation, there will be 110 people altogether on this friday. i predict chaos and fun. please pray for my state of mind and reliance on God.

internet is very weak so i cannot upload any pictures at the moment. but i will put some up when i get back home tonight.

thank you for reading!


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