Dancing Lesson

my apartment is located at nawarat bridge where the loy kratong party and parades take place. right now it sounds like there is war going on outside. there are shoots and bombs. but i know that it is just people going a bit too crazy on the 2nd day of loy kratong festival. i need some earplugs tonight but i will need them even more tomorrow. it will be the biggest day.

yet amidst the loud noises, i am not frustrated. i would have been last week with my body and mind so tired. but now i am rested and peaceful. today was incredible. church was not different from any other weeks but it was the people who made the day so special. God has blessed me so much with the opportunities to see and hear their hearts. after the dance practice (and i am going to tell you about that soon), while i was drinking water, a girl called me to her and asked lots and lots of questions…starting from how i take care of my face (and mind you, i don’t have a baby skin face. i even have some acne!) and going to deeper questions about why i have such a heart for karen people (she is one among the few who asked me this!), how i came to chiang-mai and discovering the spiritual gifts. it was neat…sitting and talking. it was the Lord who brought us together.

anyway, there is much excitement going on at my church. december is going to be so much fun! on november 30, we have a tradition called “sweet december”, a time where we gather around dinner table, cook food, play games and sing songs. then as the clock chimes 12 at night, we worship the Lord to welcome the month of christmas…the birth of Jesus Christ…the reason we celebrate. i so look forward to it! then on december 11, we are traveling to a remote village to do something special with villagers for their christmas. i don’t know all the details. and december 19 is our christmas day!!!!! and this is where my dancing story comes in…

yesterday, a girl asked me if i could be a part of her dance. she needs 9 on the team and was missing 2. if you know me, you will remember that i DON’T dance…ever. i used to when i was in g.8 but it was such an embarrassing experience for me. then i did a cheerleading contest “practice” in g.10 but never got to participate on the real stage. so dancing and me are like on different continents. but my girl was so sweet and patient and knew just how to motivate people! she said that this is a way of serving the Lord. how could i say “no” to that? when God invites us to do something, though with our limited abilities, will we not give them to Him?

so i was convicted…and reluctantly joined the team. today was our first practice. 3 hours of remembering steps and jumping up and down! my waist and back are super sore right now. but i just found out that though i am not good at dancing, i enjoy doing it. it may look gangly and awkward but i did my best. and i can now remember most of what i learned today. we’ll see how it goes the next week.

my life’s motto i have derived from dad is “where there is a will, there is a way”. i believe that there is nothing in this world we cannot do if we put a mind to it. it may not be all good. there has got to be one thing that is less great than the other. but like paul said in Philippians 4:13, “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”…we can do all things as well. so i jumped into this dancing team…not very eager…but now i am beginning to see how the Lord wants to work in me. He kicks me out of my comfort zone time and time again to help me see the grace and blessings behind all the pain and embarrasment. so i am decided that i will practice hard and do my best for the Lord.

and if you are in chiang-mai and want to be amused by my dancing or need something to entertain you, you are welcome to join our church’s christmas celebration on december 19th. this may be the one and only dance i will do in the next 5 years. so if you don’t wanna miss it, let me know and i can take you to church with me! 🙂


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