Mountains, Rice in Leaves, Karen People and Pork For Every Meal

yes, that is where and what i have been doing. i was spending 6 days visiting a few karen villages. the first part, i was with a compassion team from australia. the second part, i was with the youth group from church. the drive to each destination was windy and bumpy. but i loved it all – the sharp cold air that has the smell of burning timber in it, the endless view of mountain ranges, the unpaved dirt road, the ride in the back of trucks with hair wind-swept, the food that has pork as a major part and the communion with people whose hearts are as big as the sky.

so i would like to take you with me to the places and people i care about. there were times when i thought of comfort and conveniences of the  city (and oh! how glad i was to be able to let the cold shower rinse through my dirty hair and body on the day i came home) but for most of the time i relished the experiences and was learning as much as i could about the traditional karen lifestyle.


sticky rice in bamboo

rice in leaves and pork with sweet basil

a karen home when we went christmas caroling

trying to untangle their hands

lay and pond from youth group

klo may ta church where we had christmas party

killing pig for our meals. this was as close as i willed myself to go.

ger, the vdo-grapher and jor dahbu, the photographer

the traditional game for whoever has the gut to climb the oily bamboo pole to get the 500 baht

and yes! two, or in this case, four are better than one. 🙂

we had to stand while eating rice wrapped in leaves. interesting.

tearing the candy bags for the crowd. fun stuff.

the guys in the skit. they just cracked us up!

some of the youth group

dada and nong

po gae cleaning up in the creek. this man never gets embarrassed whatsoever. lol

"pee pee" or grandmother in karen language


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