Christmas Reflection

my mind has been on a spin. there have been so many things going on since the beginning of the month. and i am sure i have spent more time on the road than at home. to be honest, i am feeling worn out after all the trips and parties i took part of. there is, however, one more left to a village in umpang…to visit the infamous “tee law shoo” waterfall in umpang district, tak province.

this afternoon, after spending 3 days in the mountains with no internet connection, i logged on to facebook and saw people had uploaded their christmas activities over the past week. friends in nonthaburi, america, canada and chiang-mai…we all celebrated Jesus. it was neat to browse through those albums. i saw my sisters and mom singing carols in nonthaburi, p.ja sitting by the beach in melbourne, australia, with freshly cut christmas tree in north carolina, america and sarah with her baby boys in edmonton, canada. the Lord has scattered us so that the seed of love may reach to people and nations.

yet i cannot help feeling sad. this is the time to be with the ones you love…the time for reunion.

this year, God has brought me to another karen village for christmas and blessed me with 4 dear friends whom i traveled with – jason, p.taii, kevin and p.chi. we slept in a villager’s house; took a freezing shower in an outhouse bathroom; walked up the hills under starry sky (and for the guys…trekked in the jungle for 50 km); celebrated christmas under the 12C weather…outside; played with the kids; skinned a hog; walked and talked with God and worshipped Him in the karen language.

although i missed spending time with my family, this christmas was memorable. the Lord has put my worried heart at rest and given me peace. earlier this month, someone asked me what i wanted to give Jesus as a present for this christmas and i wrote down “surrender and trust”. with His unchanging goodness, He has helped me to do so without much struggling. He used people and His words to guide me. there is nothing better than to be in His will.

this christmas may be different from what i used to in the past and what my loved ones did this past week, but it is another experience of a lifetime. though there was no christmas tree with ornaments or turkey or mashed potato or family members, and though i terribly miss my family, my heart is filled with memories of God’s beautiful creation, the villagers’ smile and kindness and new friendship. these, i will not easily forget.

tomorrow, i will be on the road again and may not have internet connection. so merry christmas to you all, dear ones, and have a wonderful new year! may the Lord’s joy and peace be with you. 🙂 

skinning the hog

p.taii, jason and kevin

gathering around the fire. it must've been around 12C that night! brr...

at the church

with p.nootsaba, the host

p.chi with his truck that took us everywhere

everyone 🙂

scenic route

the zion hostel in mae jam, the next stop after the christmas celebration at som-poi village

we worshipped with the children at the hostel and played games together. a small christmas party. 🙂

the town of mae jam

the joy of children


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One response to “Christmas Reflection

  • Juli Jarvis

    Love your pics and this story of a different Christmas. This will always be a memorable one for you! We were just talking about memorable ones of the past in our lives — this will rate at the top of your list, I’m sure! Thanks — and God bless!

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