Before I Go On Another Journey

who said thailand doesn’t get cold?! it may not be as freezing as other european countries or some parts of america and canada but as i’m typing this, i am covered with 2 thick blankets. and this is in chiang-mai city, not any remote villages in the mountains. brrr…

talking about being cold, i am reminded that i need to get another sweatshirt or a hoodie. the area i am going to tonight will be super cold. according to the thai meteorological department, the current weather (dec 28 at 11:40 am) is 17.5C (or 64F). the minimum temperature could get to 13C (55F) in the early morning. for a thai person like me, it is COLD.

since yesterday afternoon, after i got back from the mountains, the homesickness just hit me really hard. i guess looking through my friends’ christmas photo albums made me realize that i had missed out on a lot of their lives. but i can’t cancel the trip tonight and just catch a bus home. so i need to learn contentment and find happiness and blessings from another point of view. i made a choice and i won’t regret it.

anyway, before i go, i still need to sweep the floor (if not mop it), fold my laundry and pack. i also need to run some errands at the mall, which i kinda look forward to before i go off into the jungle again. 🙂 i’m thinking of chilling in a starbucks, sipping a cup of hot cocoa and munching muffin. a christmas present for myself to cheer me up.


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