Phitsanuloke: Day 2

my day started from 8:40 in the morning. lots and lots of stories being told. broken stories. i visited a lady who has been imprisoned because she was involved in drugs trade. it was my 1st interview in a jail. and i felt very awkward. i was trying to find a balance between a journalist’s curiosity and a christian’s moral. i was dying to shoot her my list of questions but i didn’t want to ruin her dignity. she is a prisoner who took a wrong turn in life, made mistakes and ended up in cage. but isn’t this the same story for all of us?

yes. but in different degree.

i was also spending time with 4 beautiful girls whose lives are marred because the mistakes of adults. while listening to each of their story, i was enraged at the people who bruised them. but there was a combination of sorrow and joy in my emotion too. i would never know they went through tragic things in life if i didn’t look straight into their eyes. eyes that revealed hidden sadness from the past but are now restored with hope and future.

i am not allowed to publish anything i’ve gathered on here today. but what i experienced ensured me that compassion does offer hope and life to children in poverty. these girls wouldn’t be here today if the project staff and the church weren’t following the vision God gave them.

with a lot of sacrifice, they are raising a new generation of young people filled with hope.


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