March, the Month of Discovering My Strengths and Celebrating Birthday

i have been away from posting. there is no other reason than that i am lazy. i mean everyday i click on the “new post” tab, tap my fingers on the desk thinking about what to write, visit my friends’ desks to chat, drink water, munch cookies, come back to the computer and exit the wordpress window. not that i don’t have anything to write. but the thoughts are like particles of dust dancing in the shaft of sunlight. they are floating and unprocessed.

but now that i need to write my monthly assignment for work, i suddenly feel de-motivated. thus, i am seeking inspiration from updating my blog. 😛 crazy how my mind works.

last week, our office held a workshop training on “strength finder”. prior to the training, we had to do the test to find out our top 5 strengths. mine is connectedness (things happen for a reason), includer (widening the circle), empathy (seeing the world through others’ eyes; understanding), belief (having core values to live by) and adaptability (going with the flow; focusing on the now).

honestly, although i know in my mind that these are strengths, i don’t see any practicality in it…yet. the instructor gave us an assignment – to figure out how we can use our strengths to better the unmotivating tasks. he wanted us to write down an action plan. i felt like i was doomed because my strength themes aren’t “developer”, “achiever”, “command” or “discipline”. mine is mainly relational (4 out of 5) so what do i need to do when my struggle is “due date”?

still, these are my strengths, which i am grateful for. i am able to connect with others in specific ways that no others can do, although not so quickly. people trust me with certain issues in their lives which they’d otherwise not tell their friends or even families. i can be flexible when situations around me are tense and unbending, making fruitful results.

on a different note, last saturday (march 19) was also my birthday. mom and mai drove 700+ kms from bangkok to chiang-mai to bring the used car i recently bought to me and be here for my birthday party. i am now 27!!! it is incredible. when i was 12, i had no other desire but to be old, to wear beautiful dresses, to live by myself and to drive my car to places. now that i am 27, i want to go back to be my daddy’s girl, to wear clothes mom picks for me, to be with my whole family and to be taken to the dusit zoo, the seacon square shopping mall and the dreamworld amusement park. fortunately, i can create this loving atmosphere for my own children in the future…if i’ll ever have one. 😉 hopefully, they’ll cherish the memories the way i did in the past.

being 27, although not as old as 54, can make one pensive and carefully consider life as one would spend hours inspecting diamonds.

we had a small birthday dinner at p.kao’s house. about 10 of my friends from work came to celebrate life and friendship with me. it was a memorable night. they poured love on me. they brought food, prepared birthday cake, picked out meaningful gifts and prayed for me. i was overwhelmed by their love and care. below are some pictures from last weekend.

birthday cake

clearer shot

me, mai and mom

p.kiney and p.decha

now i feel a tad more motivated. 🙂 on to writing for work! (and shh, please don’t tell my boss. a writer has to find an outlet to her stress from time to time.)


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