Is It Good To Get Comfortable?

i know this will sound silly to those of you who are motorbike experts. but i can now ride a motorcycle with manual gear! please celebrate with me. 🙂 this morning, i was riding my friend’s bike to church…which i have to tell ya… it’s quite a long way. i went and came back without any scratches. i am very proud of myself.

it is a sunday summer afternoon. the weather has gotten back to usuality. there is hot breeze and the sun shines strong. and it feels good to be warm. doing laundry in the balm afternoon is one of the relaxing moments in my life. many of my male friends would shake their heads in disbelief that i would truly enjoy doing laundry or other housework. but i do. the chores ease me off the stress.

i just finished a big glass of cold cafe latte caramel. and i’m anticipating lots of energy and late night tonight. i should’ve known better…that caffeine would make me restless. but i guess i just wanted to spoil myself. 

this is my life. it sounds just like others’ stories, doesn’t it? the routine. the newfound excitement. and some unexpected struggles. all parts of life, eh? life is comfortable.

but i’ve been questioning if it’s a good thing to get too comfortable. the word “holy huddle” and “christian bubbles” came into mind this morning during devotion. i’ve been wondering what i should do about this question when 99% of my associates in chiang-mai are christians.

while in mae-sariang yesterday, i met up with jack, an LDP graduate, who is now working at a compassion child development center. we were catching up. he was telling me about the work he is doing with the youth right now. i’d often hear phrases like, “it was totally God who brought me out” or “God put this desire in my heart and i am following where He leads”.

jack went through a lot of oppression before he became who he is today. he is bold in preaching the Gospel and usually gets negative feedback. one time, he shared the good news to his friend at school. he was kicked out of the group. but now this friend is studying the Bible and has led his family members to Christ. another time, while in an army training, he was beaten by a rifle because he refused to drink alcohols with other guys. instead of getting bitter, he spent more time reading the Bible and prayed for his fellow soldiers.

jack’s desire to reach out to the youth made my heart yearn. there is this longing in my heart to be investing in other people’s lives. i just don’t know where to start. meeting jack always puts me back into perspective. he is a breath of fresh air…the pleasing aroma of Christ to the world.

to be that aroma, i must think and go beyond myself. to put others first. to be humble and willing to serve. maybe i should just start with my everyday right now. if all i associate with are christians, then i will minister to my christian friends. all the while, i will pray for opportunities to reach out to non-christians.

God has given me the comfort to enjoy. but i must never forget that my whole point of living isn’t being comfortable. the purpose i am here on earth is to be His light…His reflection…His messenger of salvation.

and i can do that by thinking of others and serving with humbleness.


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

3 responses to “Is It Good To Get Comfortable?

  • nk

    Wow. You made me realize I haven’t felt like a “comfortable Christian” in quite a while. Though I do remember the feeling very well from years ago when I only attended Christian schools. I remember feeling unproductive, always being taught to witness, but never knowing to whom I could because I was surrounded by so many Christians already.
    It was for that among other reasons that I decided I didn’t want to attend a Christian university/college (which was met by disappointment from several elders and such).
    Now that I’m here, of course there are pros and cons, but indeed, the opportunities to witness are innumerable. There are so so many different people here, and while I think my uni is still not an accurate representation of all the world’s views, there are still countless interests and beliefs to learn about.
    At the same time, true Christians are even more sparse here, and one of my biggest struggles has been to find a solid Christian group to plug myself into. But I guess I just wanted to say (not that you didn’t already) to cherish your Christian friends. Something I’ve really learned to value. If at the very least, it’s always nice to have those around you who will encourage you in the right direction. 🙂

    PS. I’m still waiting for your email reply wahaha~~

    • Minkster

      hahaha. thanks for the comment, sissy. i’m sure God is using you greatly to be that person who brings the message of love to your friends. 🙂 i think God has time for His plan. equipping time. sending-out time. waiting period. it’s good to enjoy the time He has and not struggle against it.

      anyway, considering the fact that your email is a book, i’ll probly need more time to reply. wahaha ^^ miss youuuuuuuu!

      • nk

        Though I sent you a book, I didn’t ask for a book in return! Lol.. anything will do 🙂
        I understand if you’re busy. I just really wanted to hear your input hehee..

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