Work During Holiday?

i am feeling a little bad with myself. i am here in nonthaburi and still worried about work. this week is the songkran festival. people splash water and have fun. but i am feeling like i am not doing such a good job at getting work done.

but what bothers me is – i don’t need to be worried about it now. i submitted all i needed to do…why thinking of work when i should rest and enjoy my time with family?!

anyway, i am back home until sunday night. i look forward to many more fun activities and laughter with my family members. but i’m also beginning to miss chiang-mai. and this is just the 1st day. craziness.

what i am going to do is get rid of the 4 letters – W O R K – off my mind. and i will start spelling – F A M I L Y now.

i’m reminded of such simplicity from spending 4 days up in the mountains last week for the karen national assembly. although the bathrooms weren’t so convenient and food wasn’t that great, i was content just to be there and live. i was very present and alive. thus i’m posting a picture of me being so karen. it was a great experience and definitely a great company!

"simplicity" - with a house like this, one wouldn't need 10 million dollar to satisfy his need.


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3 responses to “Work During Holiday?

  • Juli Jarvis

    Beautiful pic! Enjoy the R E S T !!!!

  • Elizabeth Leeds

    Wow, What a gorgeous photo, Mink! I love it. And I totally know what you mean. When I am at work, I want to be home, but somehow when I am home I find myself thinking about work. But it is so important to be all there, wherever you are. I keep a work notebook at home so that if I remember something i have to do for work I write it down so that I don’t have to bother with trying to remember it. I can forget it, and then just read the notebook when I’m back at work.
    Enjoy your time with your family! 🙂

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