Where is My Groom?

my hand still throbs from yesterday’s fall. i was on my friend’s motorbike on our way to church. as he swooped round the corner, i, sitting on the side, slid off the seat and fell hard on the cement floor. thankfully, only my right palm bled. as an expert fall-er, i found nothing else injured but the hand. still, as i stood with my friend and saw scarlet seeping through wounds, i felt as if i could faint and had to hold on to his hands while walking back to the house.

another adventure…and another accident. i’m just recovering from insects rashes from spending time in the mountain. alas, me = clumsy = accident. a friend of mine, upon seeing my gauze-patched hand, said, “will there be more, mink? won’t it ever end?”

sad to say and hard to admit, there will be more accidents in my life and i just have to live with it.

anyway, i did have some fun during the weekend.

on saturday night, i attended another friend’s wedding.  the rain sprinkled then poured just right before the matrimony started. the weather cooled down outside but was thick and humid while we were singing in the church. the couple were elegant and beautiful. as i listened to them speaking vow, i wondered if i would be standing there.

i was never a type to make plans in my head about my wedding. i couldn’t understand why women loved thinking and spending lots of time doodling about “the day”…until this year. i began thinking about what would be the color theme; what kinds of flowers i should use; where would the wedding and reception be; what kind of dress i would wear; who would be my bridesmaid and the list got longer every time i pondered on the questions. perhaps it’s the age-thing?

anyway, as i considered the questions, i was sure that the delicate details and lists would give me such headache and i would be so stressed and then i would probably get into a fight with my groom and then it wouldn’t be so much fun anymore (see how my imagination could get so far?). so the thought got me back to the “why people should marry” point.

isn’t it because of love between man and woman? isn’t it because of doing it right and legal? isn’t it because the Lord tells us so?

it is because man is supposed to leave his father and mother and be united with his wife. it is because they must be the witnesses of God’s holiness in every area of life, including marriage bed. and it is so that they shall be eternally knotted by the blessings of God.

even though i will, at one point, despise my wedding planning, the most important thing of all, i want to stand at the altar with my groom, make the vow like i mean it and live the rest of my life to honor the Lord.

the question for now, though, is “where” is my groom? 🙂


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"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

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