Die Now and Live

“if by my death many would come live, then i will gladly die ten times over.”

                                                                                                            – shoeshine pastor jungha kim

as i stroll life, there have been moments when i take a low dip and when i soar high. it is never stable. it never leaves me content.

it is always a puzzle to me – this life. God has never given me a straight answer. instead, He brings people into my life and teaches me.

today, i got an email from work suggesting that i should watch this video. (do watch it before you continue to read)

it is about the life of a korean pastor who shines shoes to sponsor seven children from all over the world. what caught my attention was how he died to himself and lived for Christ.

he is neither a man of wealth or health. he is just a servant of God. but when i looked into his eyes, i envied him for his richness. the sparkles in his eyes when he grumbled to God just how he was going to sponsor two more children; his frail voice thick with compassion as he prayed for the children’s future and the victorious smile as he preached the most precious word, “if by my death many would come live, i will gladly die ten times over.”

pastor kim saw the golden treasure in the world drenched with sins and poverty. and he reached out to take it for his own – this gift of death to self.

what he did was not noble in the eye of the world. he polished shoes – a lowly job. but in every hunch of his back, every drop of sweat and every shoe that shines gives hope, opportunity and bright future for his seven children…who would otherwise starve, work ’till their backs broke and wound up in a cycle of wretchedness.

pastor kim died to his pride so his beloved could live. just like Jesus.

how i struggle to live! but minus death, life equals zero.

dying to self is not a choice. like fall leaves dwindling onto the ground only to be trampled, our old bodies are ceasing every minute. it is a decision to make.

death is not the end. it is just the  beginning of something greater.



About Mink Gough

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9 View all posts by Mink Gough

4 responses to “Die Now and Live

  • Sharon

    Awesome!! I have been really getting the message of what is important in this life.God has been speaking to me about this very thing. I am doing a study on the book of JOB. It gives new meaning to “Jesus is the answer for the world today”

  • Juli Jarvis

    Yes — Mink, I’ve been “out of touch” for about three weeks — away from internet but traveling and seeing others. It’s so good to return to your open, honest and transparent blog! This post is wonderful — I had seen this before (and I watched it again now), but now I need to go back and watch it yet again — through your eyes — and see the specific gestures and facial expressions you mentioned here in your post. How I love the way you look at the world! What God is doing in and around you is a great inspiration to me! I miss you, sweetie! I have friends who sponsored one of the kids we met when we were there — and they left early this morning for Thailand (and have arrangements to meet their little girl, Film)! I saw them late last night and just realized they followed through with my urging to visit her, so didn’t have time to even send all of you a bag of candy (or even a gift for my own Mod-Daeng!). But please know I sent lots of hugs with Karen and hope some of you can receive my hugs & love from her if you get to meet the Blaney family! I asked if I could just please hide out in her suitcase somehow! 🙂 I wish I could be there when their three daughters meet Film! That will be a moment to observe!

  • Juli Jarvis

    “When I looked into his eyes, I envied him for his richness.” WOW!! So true!

  • I Envied Him « Sheep Droppings

    […] This morning, I was really struck by a powerful statement that a friend in Thailand wrote a few days ago: “When I looked into his eyes, I envied him for his richness.”  She was not referring to someone who is wealthy in worldly goods; she was referring to someone who is wealthy in the Spirit.  Check out this blog post and make sure you watch the short video that accompanies it (click “video” in her post and it will take you to the film at YouTube).  Here is Mink’s post. […]

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