Pardon of Grace

 bangkok has been flooded for over a month now.

crazy to realize that. the government announced that schools in affected area be closed until january 2012. madmee, a freshman from thammasat university, who i tutor, complained, “i think i’m getting dumber because of the flood! i can’t go to school and i miss my friends.” it’s ironic. most of the students, including me, would trade everything in the world to take a day off school or extend a semester break. when i was young, i pretended to have a stomach ache or cough hard when my parents walked into my bedroom so i could stay home. now children whine about not being able to go to school and being on break. i couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony. 🙂

according to the government, it is “expected” that the floodwater will completely go down in a month from now. we can only hope that the situation will get back to normal as soon as possible. from our recent experiences, the government’s ability to manage the water has failed. it is hard to trust them even though the situation will finally resolve. to make the current situation worse, there is the news about some government officials took advantage of this time, when everyone is so occupied at helping others, trying to bend the law in order to get “the pardon of grace” for the ousted former prime minister, thaksin chinnawatra, from the king of thailand.

when i first learned of this petition, i was furious. it is pure selfishness. it is the abuse of power, something i never imagined would happen in my entire lifetime. apparently, there is no limit to corruption and greed. and the government is revealing its true color.

i wanted to know more about the pardon of grace so i searched for more information online. i didn’t know the english terminology at the time. but when i googled, the phrase “pardon of grace” popped up. it pierced my heart.

at the time, i already judged and blamed the government for all the wrongs that have been going on in this country. hundreds of people died because they were electrocuted, although it was preventable. many died because of the vector-borne diseases. thousands are still living in despair because the government is busy protecting the inner city while neglecting the suburban areas altogether. the “coming home” prospect of the former prime minister just didn’t bode well with us. surely, the government had to take responsibility. they needed to confess and paid the price by resigning themselves. they deserved the punishment. it was (and still is) so wrong to adjust the law to suit one person’s condition.

but when i read about the pardon of grace, still questions sounded in my head, “do you remember the israelites? do you remember what happened to hosea and gomer? do you remember yourself when you wandered far from Me?  and do you remember My Son?”

God’s grace convicted me. i was a prisoner of sin, running for my life and needed a rescuer. without God’s bestowed benevolence, i was destined for hell. but because His love is the essence of who He is, He forgives and liberates me through Jesus, the Savior. of course, this love doesn’t weaken His righteousness. we still bear the consequences of our sins. but we are given a chance to come home and to live according to His purpose.

now i am not saying that i agree with the scheme of the government. i loathe it. yet my point is – we don’t have a right to judge the man and what punishment he deserves because, in a sense, we are no different from him. we don’t have to like what the government is doing. but what we do that makes a difference in this country is what we should be thinking about and acting on it.

in times like this, we, christians, have to live out our faith and be a light in the world as we were created to be. we need to stand on the opposite side of the world. when others throw rocks, we shower grace. when they speak lies, we proclaim truth – the Truth.

and God, with His righteousness, will judge the evildoers.

“righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne;

love and faithfulness go before you.

blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,

who walk in the light of your presence, o Lord.”

– psalm 89:14-15


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