Defining My Voice Personality And My First Published Story Ever

my bum hurts…from having sat up in my most uncomfortable chair for 9 hours straight. i usually sneak out to chat with friends at other desks or spend time reading magazines in the toilet…maybe 7-10 times a day (i know it’s a waste of working time. and my boss would probably give me that frowned eyebrows). but today i have been planted in this chair for so long that i started to believe i have grown roots!

it’s a long weekend and i try to get as much work done as possible so that i can travel up the mountain to a “coffee tasting festival” (ooh-la-la) worry-free. but as germs spread wider when we try to scrub and clean them off, such is my work. from my experiences, though, eventually all get done. on time. by God’s grace.

i have been on a quest searching for my writing identity. everyone has distinguished writing style. some are formal and uptight; some, smooth and poetic and some, sarcastic and funny. i enjoy reading blogs. so. much. i usually have this 30-minute interval between working on my assignment and then switching to read about my friend’s recent trip to europe  or the inspirational daily living of a canadian family or a used-to-be-ironic writer-colleague’s motherhood journey or the funny but insightful stories of the worst missionary ever or my american fellow’s dadabase (oops, i didn’t mean to make this public. crossed-fingers, hoping my boss doesn’t  come across this post!) throughout the day.

there are many more people i follow. but my point is – i learn from them. these writers possess strong writing characters and express clear sense of their own identities. and i envy admire them.

the challenges are 1) i am not a native speaker so i have to work my butt off and constantly correct myself to improve my writing skills. 2) i don’t know what type of a writer i want to be. i started writing diary when i was 12 years old (puppy-love stuff). now, instead of “writing diary”, i journal. and i write for compassion international. still, i am on the verge of deciding what kind of personality i want to give to my stringed letters. and 3) well, i can’t think of anything anymore but a writing guide-book says that three is a good number to make points on one’s writing. clearly, i need to have it.

it is very important, as we all know, that to be excellent at something, we must practice, practice, practice. if i want to be better at what i do, i have to pick up a pen {or in this case, press the power on} and let my mind roam free. i used to limit myself to writing only spiritual stuff {more of reflection on life} because that is what i have been doing. but in order to define my voice’s personality, i need a collection of voices first. i don’t know how well this approach will turn out but it’s worth a try.

ending this post is my first-EVER published story on US compassion magazine – “a just cause“, a story of two thai children who were sexually abused and found a legal lifeline.

{may i just  brag a little…i am so proud!} this story, like many other productions, came with sweat, tears and sacrifices of faithful workers and the children themselves, who were willing to let me publicize their story. my boss. my colleagues. my editors. they squeezed until all the essence of the story came out and smoothed it until it is not only readable but catches attention.

ok, the ending’s ending – a bonus vdo clip that i had been listening to all day “when the saints” by sara groves, covered by “thecoveringband”.

:: what is your writing personality? how did you find your “voice”? and how do you get inspired when even thinking of writing is so dire?::


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3 responses to “Defining My Voice Personality And My First Published Story Ever

  • Sherri Phengchard

    I just read A Just Cause! How touching!!! I admire your writing, and love how you pull the reader in through your descriptions. It is my dream to write about international issues like you do Mink! So proud of you and hope I can do the same one day!

    • Minkster

      sherri! thank you so much for checking the article out! yes, i was both nervous and excited to interview the people and write the story. i’d never done anything like that before in my life. i’m glad you enjoyed reading it. but…yeah…weren’t it for my editors, i wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

      i do hope you get a journalism job in Austin! you are an awesome writing. and i have been following your europe adventures. wish i could do the same. miss you heaps, dear. and if you ever see nookie again, give her a big hug for me. 🙂

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