on uploading social media: sarcastic ranting

disclaimer: this is a purely selfish post. if you are busy or have something better to do, do not waste time reading this. i just need to vent my anger on this online space because the post is about social media. and if i were to write it down on my journal, well, it wouldn’t be directly addressed. but if you decide to read, i hope you are humored by it…as bitter as it may sound.

i have been sitting at the “motto” cafe for well over two hours. i need to upload a couple of videos for work. well, practically, twenty. and because internet at work is slow when it comes to uploading and i have no internet at home, the coffee shop is my oasis. however, i am starting to wonder if it would be cheaper to get internet access at my room considering the money spent at the coffee shop these past two days. right now, i am eating a warm scone with almonds and raisins. it is comforting and filling…but i am looking at it skeptically because it might cost me a little more money than i would normally spend for dinner.

i really have no point for this post except that i am killing time while i am waiting. i don’t have other reasons to be online except for the vdos’ sake. i have watched a 42-minute documentary on the karen’s trial made by four californian guys. i got a photo album of my trips in april uploaded and tagged most of my friends in it. i finished a cup of iced caramel latte and am now finishing up the scone. the rain had poured and stopped. the sun is now shining and the road is dry. if i had internet at home, i could just let the computer do the work while i watch a movie and munch popcorn on my sofa…instead of sitting on a wooden stool getting bitten by mosquitoes now.


i have three vdos left, which approximately equal three hours of uploading. – -”

next week, i am going to rayong and nonthaburi to work on two articles. one is about a community of believers who used to be in Compassion program and are now playing important roles and making a difference in their communities. another one is about a life of an islamic girl who is from burma, living in the city with not much of any legal document, but receiving help and education through the help of a local church. i am excited to be a part of both stories. i am usually stoked before i go on a trip. it’s just difficult coming back and boiling down everything to a meat piece. i want to tell everything i have seen and heard but i need to stick to a point or i will chase away all my readers. and that is hard. choosing photos and vdos are also challenging too because i usually take up to 500 a trip. and though it is safe to say that i am not as professional as many others i have met and probably take way too few photos compared to the pros, they are a huge number. the hardest part is uploading EVERYTHING onto a shared folder/ website. i loathe this process the most because it takes excruciatingly long time. and i don’t have internet at home. and connection at the office is slow. and i am stuck at this internet cafe.

and it’s back to the uploading and the internet cafe. {adding sarcastic smile and bitter laugh here.}

i have finished both my coffee and scone. it is now 6:30 in the evening. and i have three more vdos to upload.


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6 responses to “on uploading social media: sarcastic ranting

  • Juli Jarvis

    Something you might check out is Dropbox.com. Sarah and I use it all the time. You can just move a whole folder of photos or videos into your dropbox, then when you go to another computer you can access them there, or on a phone. They don’t take as long to upload as most sites do. The Dropbox website has a tutorial you can watch to understand how it works, but basically you download it (free) to each computer you want to use it on. Or if the computer doesn’t have it, you can go to the website for dropbox and still access your folders. In your dropbox you can have folders that you share with other people if you want, or just private folders for your own use. If you share Dropbox with others (or share folders) you will get more storage space, and both of you can view (and alter) the same photos in the folder. I can send you an invite if you’d like. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

    • Minkster

      juli, thank you so much for the suggestion. i actually have been using it. and it’s been very helpful. the problem is actually the internet connection that just kills me every time i have to upload something. 🙂

      how have you been, my friend?

      • Juli Jarvis

        I’m doing great! Just finishing the school year, so will have some time to relax again. But — next week I’m heading to Haiti to see a sponsored boy before he graduates from the program!

      • Minkster

        wow! is he in the CDSP or LDP? i’m excited for your trip. 🙂 i look forward to seeing pictures and blog posts about the trip. hehehe.

        here, the new school semester just started TODAY. crazy traffic. i hope you have a wonderful relaxing summer.

      • Juli Jarvis

        He’s CDSP; I sponsored his older brother for 14 years before him, so I hope to see both boys this time. I visited his brother in 2001 just before he completed his sponsorship at age 20. I will have two blog posts about this on the Compassion Blog — the first will be posted May 22, I think, and the second one sometime after my return in June.

  • Issac

    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something which helped me.

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