Favorite Places In Town, Where I Get Inspired

every artist needs a “room” where their energetic and creative side can come out. it can be anywhere. in a house full of kids with dirty dishes and laundry machine’s whirring. in a busy office, where one’s cubicle does not really protect you from all the noises and prying eyes of coworkers. on a bench in a quiet park on a sunny day. or even in one’s own room, where all she ever sees is the same old setting – a bed, a closet, a tv set and a balcony.

but if you are like me, having to spend the whole day and night, almost to the point of feeling confined in one certain place is intoxicating. since i am not working full-time, my cozy apartment room has been the only place i spend the majority of my time in. let me tell you, it does feel like a cage once in a while. after i read this article on “5 ways to keep your academic romance alive“, i was inspired to find a place to be a regular, away from my habitual regularity (if you are a student, i suggest you read it. at least, it will give you a few chuckles and noddings along the way). here is an excerpt:

Find a favorite seat at a coffee shop or a desk in the library where you can get your study on. Not only will you make a sacred space where productivity is a habitual thing, but you will also anchor your academic work to a location so it can’t follow you home and keep you up at night. Also, find a favourite booth at a pub where you can converse with friends. The guys on How I Met Your Mother had McLaren’s, Seinfeld had Monk’s Café, the Inklings had The Eagle and The Child. Academics is largely about the camaraderie, and every story-worthy group of friends has a meeting place.

so i have been thinking about it, “trying” to look for it (which means more thinking and maybe a few clickings on the internet) and praying about this new space. thankfully, i have found my three-s; two libraries and one cafe.

the first library is an art gallery called “documentary arts asia”, where i am a volunteer at. i discovered this gallery through a photography course offered by its founder in a reasonable price. they also screens independent asian movies and documentaries every monday and thursday as well. i have helped translating their website from english to thai, which has been a great fun. this is traded with a free membership to borrow stuff from their library and get a discount on workshops.

if you are into art, and living in chiang-mai, check out their website. they provide a lot of wonderful photography, visual story-telling and videography courses that you do not want to miss. also, their library is full of resourceful books and dvds on human-interest issues and cultural stuff from all over the world.

another place that i just found out today is the mcgilvary college of divinity’s library, where my friend is studying. today, i learned that the library is open for not only students but outsiders, like me, to use it. i do not need to pay for any membership fees. the only downside to it is that if i want to borrow any books out of the library, i have to use my friend’s student card. but it is not a trouble at all. the idea of spending time alone in a quiet library reading, writing and working is thrilling enough. and i am sure going to be a regular there.

the last space i have come to appreciate is a cozy cafe in the college’s neighborhood called “natwat home cafe”. the restaurant serves a variety of western dishes e.g. spaghetti, salad and steak as well as beverages and desserts. my favorite orders have been hot americano and brownie. i know, how simple is that! but i have been eyeing cheesecake for a while. i just could not muster enough courage to order it…not because of the high calorie but the money that i will have to pay for it. comparatively, it is 90 baht (or about 3 bucks). but considering my financial situation right now, i need to be extra careful in how i spend. maybe i will just skip a day’s meal and spend the money on this cheesecake instead. 😀

here are some shots of the cafe.

DSC_5540 (1) DSC_5541 DSC_5547 DSC_5551 DSC_5538 DSC_5553

 so there goes my threes! where is your favorite spot in town? how do you get your creative juice flowing? give me a shout out! i do not have any gifts to give. but i will definitely appreciate the responses. 🙂


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