Walking in Pyay Oo Lwin, Myanmar

dear ones, i hope you all are doing well. as i mentioned yesterday, i am in a town called “pyay oo lwin”, or nicknamed as “maymyo”. it’s a small town tucked in the northern valley of burma, its history dating back to the british colonial rule. the history is reflected in the diversed culture and inter-mingled races of the people. this morning, i walked past an anglican church, a buddhist temple, a… muslim mosque, a hindu temple and a chinese temple…all located within 1 – 2 miles! i also met an electrician who is of Shan-Indian race. he introduced me to a local shan-indian restaurant called “Taj”, where i can eat a home-made indian meal with reasonable prices.

i’ve also been able to rest after running around southern parts of burma last week. spending time in yangon, pathein and visited chaung tha, the beach on the andaman sea was all great. but i was so exhausted at the end, and needed some time alone. upon arrival in the morning yesterday, i had a green apple, a cup of tea and crackers and peanut butter for brunch, read a good portion of the adoniram judson’s biography and slept from noon to 5 in the evening. by the time i woke, i felt so refreshed and was able to walk out to find a bowl of chinese noodle and a palata, a kind of fried roti with bean paste. language is still a huge barrier for me. because i’ve been with my burmese friends, i haven’t put my mind on practicing the language. so i pointed, and accepted whatever was offered to me. lol

one thing i want to praise God for is the loving care i have received from my burmese friends here. some treat me as a special guest and some treat me like their own. they allow me to tag along to their workplaces; take me to see the beautiful parts of their country like the shwe dagon or the beach; pay for my transportation fees and food; accompany me when i want to go shopping or walk along the beach; make sure that i get on the bus safely and pray for me. i didn’t expect the multitude of kindness and the phenomenal welcome like this at all. and i have been humbled by how loving God is to have put me in such sweet and strong arms of His people in Burma. i know that there is the darker side where oppression still lingers on, especially in the jungle areas. but, for this trip, He has revealed to me that there is goodness, love and hope in this land. and it will take persistent faithfulness, fervent prayer of the righteous and all-in sacrifice to release people from poverty – both financially and spiritually.

so i give thanks for the experiences i have had, and the lessons i have learned. please continue to pray for me as i journey back to yangon tomorrow night. not that i am fearless, but i know my Protector is with me. you wouldn’t believe how high my friends’ eyebrows went when i told them that i would make a trip up north by myself. lol.

also, please pray for my visa application and the continuing financial support that i have yet more to raise. right now, the most urgent need of prayers are:

1) the submission of my visa application – I will need to submit everything before Christmas…so please pray that I would have wisdom and strength from the Lord to prepare ALL of the documents in such a short timeframe. Pray for His favor to be upon me as I wait for the result.

2) the financial support – currently, I have half of the funds needed to cover for my tuition fee. I plan to work while I am in New Zealand in order to cover for my living costs. Please pray for the provision that it will come in the exact amount I will need at His timing; and pray for peace as I wait on Him.

thank you for taking time to read this long post. i appreciate all of you.


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