i am getting married!

so…i know that it has been a year (or probably more…i do not even know when my last blog post was) that i last posted. so many things happened. a lot of changes have taken place. one big news that i am obligated to announce (if not for my readers it will be for me in the future) is that i am getting married in 8 days! it is a bit hard to trace back the history of my relationship because, obviously, i have not written for a long time, and also because our relationship had developed quite quickly.

just so you do not feel perplexed about what is going on and who is my future husband, here is our picture together from a trip we took last year.


that is me and Joel, my classmate…now fiance. we have know each other since last year at South Pacific Bible college, where we are both attending. he is from Canberra, Australia. his passion is in God, people, and evangelism. i am blessed to have been on this journey with him, and excited for more adventures in the future.

our wedding will be on April 11, 2015 in New Zealand. i am thankful that some of my family members, particularly mom and youngest sister, and friends can come to witness this day with us. i am looking forward to wearing the wedding gown, walking down the aisle, saying our vows to one another, having our first dance, and celebrating with our friends and family at church. if you have known me for a while, you will remember that i always wondered (out loud) about my future husband or whether i would get married. well, today, God has answered my prayer and given me the man who will cherish, love, respect, and walk with me for the rest of my life (or his life). it has not been an easy journey of waiting. and i would not say that i have done anything to deserve such a man. but one thing i am certain of is this – our pursuits of God have led us together.

and so…for young single women out there, whether you are Christians or not, remember always that pursuing something that you are passionate of will always lead to something worthwhile. it may not be that we will get husbands out of the pursuits. but we are making something of our lives. and what we meet along the way is actually the blessing and the gift that is beyond what we can ever ask for.


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