Back Home at Last

So some of you might not have been aware of what has gone on in my life. Here is a little heads-up. Joel and I were married in April 2015. I applied for the partnership  visa, which took 9-12 months to process, in August. We wanted to be together while the visa is processing so we applied another visa to get into the country short term. We got rejected. We tried again. And we were told we would be rejected again if we didn’t withdraw the application. At the end of the year, we graduated from the college. We were going to travel together but Joel’s dad passed away. So we were separated – he in Australia, I in Thailand.

Basically, things never really went our ways.


I have been home for a week now. The weather has not been very kind to me. It is so HOT and HUMID that, after I stepped out of the cold shower this morning, I started sweating profusely straight away. Adjusting to the weather will definitely take time. Another adjustment is going to be driving on the road. I have been driving for about 6 years now but I have never driven in Bangkok before. My mom taught me how to drive in Chiang-Mai, a city up north, where there were lesser population and the streets were not as busy. Then I went to New Zealand for two years. The town I lived in was so small that it took me only 5 minutes to go to the nearest store and 30 minutes at the most to go to the farthest part of the town. This past week I have tagged along with my mom to different places. Sometimes I found myself sliding further down in my seat with two palms on my face because I was so scared that someone would run us over. Drivers are reckless and, sadly, selfish here.

But there is the plus side. Since being home, I have been able to indulge myself in Thai food, speak Thai language and drink the true “ice coffee/ tea”. I said “true” because every time I ordered something “ice” in New Zealand, I ended up having some kind of thick shake with ice-cream on top. It was not so bad but there is so much sugar in those drinks. And there is NO ice, not the visible ones anyway. So I am very happy to be chewing on the crunch of these ice cubes in my drink. 🙂

Anyway, those are my little updates on my one week back in Bangkok, Thailand. I have gone through the lowest of low and the highest of high in these past several months. I graduated from the bible college with Excellence at the end of last year and received the student award of the year. Then we plunged into the valley when Joel and I had to part ways temporarily because his dad passed away; and I could not be with him because I did not (still don’t) have the visa to enter into Australia. Soon after I arrived Thailand, I had a spiritual meltdown. I was so angry at God for “causing troubles” in our lives, and not giving us what we wanted (duh). Then, slowly and with difficulty, I am climbing back up again with the help of family and friends. I have been reminded that nothing, not even my vilest words and ugliest thoughts, will ever stop God from loving me and giving his best for me. I am learning to put my  trust in him daily, to not give up hope and to obey him at all costs.

The good news to top all this is that Joel and I are going to be reunited in 3 days! Because I had to withdraw my visitor visa application, we are now going to live in Thailand until we hear of my partnership visa (and we hope it is a yes from Australia). Joel is flying in on Monday night; and we will be spending 4 days on a beach before plunging ourselves into the culture. It will be a huge shift for Joel. Thai culture is opposite to Australian in almost every aspect. It is going to be a challenge and a learning curve for both of us.

At this point, we are not sure yet where we will end up living, whether in Bangkok or Chiang-Mai. It all depends on where I get a job. I am beginning to feel stressed out again because there is so much that is unknown…and a lot we have to prepare for. I am also feeling  a little sad because this concept of “leaving and cleaving” has become a reality now. When we were in New Zealand, I was already away from home so it was not as difficult. This time I will have to make a choice of leaving my family to be with my husband, wherever it will be…and being a mama’s girl, it is undeniably hard. But, at least, we will all be in the same country. And that makes traveling much cheaper and easier!

There you go! A little update from us. Giving you a sweaty and sticky goodbye for now. Until my next post. 🙂


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