The Power of Prayer

I am laying on the couch while listening to the Christmas music. I am one of those people who like to play Christmas music when I need something comforting, something warm and fuzzy. The tune and lyrics of Joy to the World or O Holy Night do not only transport me back to my initial years of being a Christian , when I fell heads to toes with God, but they still draw me to my knees after all these years. It does not matter how battered or bruised I am, these songs resurrect a longing within me. I might have been hunched over by weary loads of life before but, after spending time in the presence of God, my weight is lifted; and though I am still hunched over, it is the liberation of my soul to stay in the posture of worship. 

I remember that I wrote my last post with anguish and anxiety. Since then, I decided to enter into disciplined routine, where I would spend some time at night reading the bible and praying for my husband and the things on my heart. I know it should be a given to do this but, when stress gets a better hold of me, I usually drop my routine and mull over anxiety. This time, though, God has given me 2 words – be still and quiet. 

When I can’t do anything anymore about my visa, pray. When I realised there’s a rift in my family, pray. When loved ones bicker and fight, pray. When I miss Joel and I can’t have and hold him, pray. And He said, “Do all this in quietness and trust.” It has been better for sure, but not in the way we often think. I did not go to God and twist His arm to do what I wanted. I pray because there is nothing better I can do.

Yes, we should put hard effort in what we do, but prayer changes us – how we think, perceive and how we do things. In the book “the power of a praying wife”, there is a part that talks about asking God to change us, wives, instead of asking for Him to change our dear husbands. I know many women would be pulling their hair when they read this statement just because it is not fair (I hear you, ladies). But the author made it clear that life is not fair. Instead, we might be better off if we focus on character building.

This applies to life in general too. We pray because we know we can be more like Jesus through prayer. Since we are made in the image of God, each person has a potential to increase in Christlikeness. But we must tap into the power that brings transformation. This is the moment we don’t only bend down on our knees but stay there asking God to help us become a better person when things get rough.

For you who are followers of Christ, I want to commend you for running the race faithfully. Let us be standing before God with our chest heaving from enduring the race and knees hardened from long hours we spend on the floor. Let us be ready to hear the voice say, “well-done, GOOD and FAITHFUL servant,” as we enter into eternity.

***Just a bit of update here – this past week we heard from the immigration finally. The visa is being looked at. An officer asked me for more documents, for which I already provided. So now we wait. I think we might hear from them again soon one way or the other. Please be praying for us. Thanks.


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