Spring Update

Finally, the weather is kind to us. A few days ago, while driving home, I spotted white on a mountaintop. I turned to ask Joel, to which he affirmed, “Yes, it is snow.” Since then, it had been wet, rainy and cold to the bone. For a moment, I thought we were back in winter if it had not been for the blooming flowers in our host’s garden. But today, the sun came out bright and strong. The breeze is warm and soft. So I thought I would come sit out on the bench in the garden, enjoying the daylight, the beautiful flowers and the warmth of spring.

Life has fallen into rhythm for us here. Joel is working three days a week for the church: organizing and teaching youths, visiting with patients at a hospital, playing music at a mental health foundation, and preparing lessons and sometimes sermon. On days that he does not work, he applies for a second job, plays squash (which he recently won the first set of the season! Though he lost the game, this was his first win. We were all stoked!) and watches movies with me. I am continuing to look for work, but most days, I follow Joel and join in the activities he is doing when I can. I also participate in the ladies’ bible studies on Friday, tutor Thai to a friend once or twice a week, and go to farmers’ market on Saturday.

I intend to make the most out of this “free time” as much as possible because who knows how often I will get to sit in the sun and listen to music on a weekday like this in the future. However, there are days when I feel like I am wasting my time and being unproductive, especially when I see people around me working insane hours and coming home exhausted. I have a tendency to put myself through unnecessary pressure. I keep hearing a voice that tells me I am not worthy if I have not got a job. I know that this is a lie because I used to identify my value with what I do. The higher the job title, the more money I make, the better I feel about myself. That is why I have been picky about choosing the jobs I want to apply to here. Yet God has taken me on a humility journey – to show me that what I do does not matter as much as the attitude I bring into what I do. So, although I sometimes feel guilty when people ask me if I have got a job yet, I am enjoying my time of resting, of recuperating from the stress of visa application and long wait, and of being refreshed in my spirit.

With that said, though, this evening I have got a job trial at a Thai restaurant in civic called “Lemongrass”. When Joel and I were in town the other day, we stumbled upon a Thai sign saying “Staff wanted” posted on the restaurant’s door. Instead of just writing their phone number down and calling them later, we thought why not ask them now. So with our noses plastered on the door, we peered inside to see if anyone was there (the restaurant was closed at that time). When I spotted someone, we knocked on the door until someone poked her head to see what this madness was all about. We made a gesture saying that I wanted to inquire about the position. The lady slowly walked out and asked me my name and my phone number. She told me she would have her boss call me, which she did that evening! We talked  a bit about why I am here in Australia, and she asked if I can come in on this Friday (today) to try it out. I am excited! Though I was initially adamant at not getting any waitressing job ever again; as mentioned before, God has taught me that it is not what I do that matters but the attitude I will bring into the job.

You probably wonder why I did not want to wait the tables again. Here is why. I am 32 years old. I would rather do something worthwhile, something that enables me to develop my skills and talents, pursue my passion and contribute to the well-being of others. My dream job would be to write for a cause, similar to what I did with Compassion, because there are many who need someone to speak for them. I want to be able to communicate in order to bring change to people’s lives. But since I am a new kid in the block, I will need time to get to know people and learn about what is needed here. Meanwhile, I wait tables, play music, get certifications and accreditation needed for what I want to do, write on my blog, and volunteer at places that they do need help.

There you go, our lives in a nutshell. Please keep praying for us to grow closer to God and to have a better understanding of what He tells us to do from the Word. We are thankful for His provision, and happy to be back together. There are plans we would like to get done by the end of this year, like me getting a job and moving into our own house. Pray that it would all happen according to God’s will.


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