My Photography

i am an amateur photographer. i started taking pictures only 3 years ago when i began working with compassion. before that, i knew nothing about camera function – the iso, the shutter speed, the f stop and so on. i didn’t think about lighting, composition and any other techniques. all i was aware was there was a shot and i had to snap it.

now i have been taught and trained. my fingers and eyes have been acquainted to this old, faithful nikon D70s that has been passed on to me. yet i am still a milk-drinker, a baby in the photography world. but as paul said, “everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training…”, i must keep practicing; pick the camera up and capture those moments that will probably never happen again.

my friend used to tell me that photography is art shaped together with science. it’s neat to pull it out that way. with my eyes and my camera…we are making a piece of art. more importantly, we are making memories of people, who without them otherwise, there would be no such memory at all.

so…welcome! enjoy my memories and feel free to give me compliments or complaints…because they all help me to be a better photographer.


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