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Wounded People With Hope

i have this desire to write something…to capture my feelings…and let them live through my words. but i cannot find any vocabularies suitable…or…worthy enough to describe myself at the moment. i am in a state of…mixed colors. i am in awe, confused, peaceful, excited, sad and curious. every time, change brings shock. but all you can do when change comes knocking on your door is to brace yourself and welcome it as best as you can…although you despise it.

the rain still patters hard against my porch outside. but in a little while…or a few hours…it will stop. and the cool breeze will tuck me tight and warm in my soft blanket. the dark night will wrap around me and sing lullaby until i close my eyes and drift away in endless dream.

with my soul being still, God will come and heal me. i am bruised. my nation is wounded. this world is injured. we have weathered through droughts and storms. we cry ’till our bones ache…’till scarlet turned dry…’till wounds turned scars. 

but change will come…for the better…like the rain. it may cause flood but we witnessed brotherhood, friendship and christian love. when storm sweeps everything away…when its power made the earth churn…it cleanses the soil of filthiness.

yet while we hold our fort, when clouds hover above us and hope is dim, look to the Lord and remember His unmatchable power and unfathomable grace. and come to Him…with the humility of heart…for when God gets a hold of us, He never lets us go.

“Jesus, we are broken people. no one is perfect. no, not one. we drown our sorrow in bottles. we hide fear in our cage of self. and we continue to do so with our stubbornness. forgive Your people, Lord. the truth is…if You chose to do so, we would be dead. You don’t need us. but You want us more than anything. and You love us. and i want to live a life worthy of Your love.”



there is a karen song i have been listening to a lot lately. it is a translated version of “the solid rock”, one of my favorite hymns. the song has spoken to me in different ways. today, as we sang it at church, i thought of change.

everyday, people and things change. and i am one of those who likes to stick with the same old thing. i always order the same salad dish with thousand island dressing when i go to the salad concept. i normally get caramel frappucino or hot caramel mocchiato when i visit starbucks. i wear the same pair of shoes everyday until it is worn out. apparently, changing something for me is because the option is no more. it takes guts and courage for me to switch to something new.

but in daily life, it is impossible to remain the same. the routine, in one way or another, has to be broken. there are always unexpected circumstances coming our way. like this morning at church, we did not have the songs presentation projected because the computer was broken. an unavoidable accident. a change.

there can be crazy things happening all the time in our lives. the question is how can we be ready in the time of change?

take the shunammite woman story from 2 kings 4 as an example. she was coping well with life with her old husband although they did not have a child. surely, the longing was there but she had resigned to the fact that this was supposed to be. so life fell into routine. she served elisha, the man of God, well every time he came by her house. until one day, as a reward, elisha told her that she was to conceive. UNEXPECTED CHANGE! God blessed the woman and her baby grew into a little boy. until another day, her son came home crying “my head, my head!” (i don’t know what happened that caused the injury. the bible didn’t mention about it)…then he passed away in her lap. another unexpected change.

how do we deal with this thing? the answer lies in the unchanging person of Jesus Christ. isaiah 40:8 says,

surely the people are grass. the grass withers, the flower fades,

but the Word of our God stands forever.

and psalm 31:3:

for You are my Rock and my Fortress,

therefore, for Your name’s sake, lead me and guide me.

the Bible says that God is the Rock of ages…stands eternal and will never waver…no matter what happens. thus, to deal with change, we need to have a firm ground on which we stand. we are to abide and take roots in Christ, our Lord, for we know that as we are in Him, everything is secured and we are safe in His arms.

in spite of ever-changing moods of our spouses, neighbors’ rejection or circumstances that break our lives, as we set Him as our Rock…as we stand on His solid foundation…as we hold on to His eternal promise that He will be with us until the end of the age…we stand with victory in our hands.