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Wounded People With Hope

i have this desire to write something…to capture my feelings…and let them live through my words. but i cannot find any vocabularies suitable…or…worthy enough to describe myself at the moment. i am in a state of…mixed colors. i am in awe, confused, peaceful, excited, sad and curious. every time, change brings shock. but all you can do when change comes knocking on your door is to brace yourself and welcome it as best as you can…although you despise it.

the rain still patters hard against my porch outside. but in a little while…or a few hours…it will stop. and the cool breeze will tuck me tight and warm in my soft blanket. the dark night will wrap around me and sing lullaby until i close my eyes and drift away in endless dream.

with my soul being still, God will come and heal me. i am bruised. my nation is wounded. this world is injured. we have weathered through droughts and storms. we cry ’till our bones ache…’till scarlet turned dry…’till wounds turned scars. 

but change will come…for the better…like the rain. it may cause flood but we witnessed brotherhood, friendship and christian love. when storm sweeps everything away…when its power made the earth churn…it cleanses the soil of filthiness.

yet while we hold our fort, when clouds hover above us and hope is dim, look to the Lord and remember His unmatchable power and unfathomable grace. and come to Him…with the humility of heart…for when God gets a hold of us, He never lets us go.

“Jesus, we are broken people. no one is perfect. no, not one. we drown our sorrow in bottles. we hide fear in our cage of self. and we continue to do so with our stubbornness. forgive Your people, Lord. the truth is…if You chose to do so, we would be dead. You don’t need us. but You want us more than anything. and You love us. and i want to live a life worthy of Your love.”


Flood In Chiang-Mai

brown ugly water gushed out of its bank and spilled onto the road causing a thigh-deep flood in front of my apartment. it is fast and fierce. and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon.

“how can others talk about munching their first indian bites, reading for exams or going to the beach when all we see around us are sandbags, closed doors, scared people and that brown ugly water?” the truth is – life still goes on no matter what happens. it isn’t that people are indifferent. it’s just us, human. we can never understand or emphatize with people how devastating a certain circumstance can be unless it happens to us. we can never truly appreciate what we have unless we are losing hold of it. life is too precious. and we are busy with our own pursuits. it takes a disaster: hurricane, tsunami, earthquake or flood, to wake us up to what really matters.

yesterday, i was wading through the thick water for most of the part. i bought a pair of turquoise boots. lovely. 🙂 i went scouting with my friend from work and took a lot of flood pictures. then in the afternoon, i had to wade even higher water back to my house from railway station. that was a long and hard workout. i feel every muscle on my toes now. the water rapidly increased in just a few hours. 12 compassion staff have been affected by the flood. some of them are now staying at hotels around town. compassion projects and children’s houses are also affected.

i didn’t expect myself to feel desperate. but as i waded through the water alone on my way home, i wished i was walking with a friend. i entered a mobile phone shop, asking if i could borrow his  charger, because my cell’s battery was dead. i needed to call my mom to let her know that i wasn’t stuck in any gutters or drowning in the flood. so i walked in, told the owner my desire and said that i could pay him for whatever it would cost to charge a battery. he reached his hand to grab a charger in a package and i saw “190 baht” on the box. i said, “no, no, sir. i don’t have that much money (which was true. i had only 250 baht in my pocket at the moment). i’d like to borrow one of your old chargers if you had to make quick calls”. with softness in his eyes, he replied, “daughter, use it as long as you need. i know it’s urgent. don’t worry about money at all”. my throat caught…and i had to choke back tears at the unexpected kindness. it opened my eyes to see that we, human, have that source of kindness within our tanks. it usually doesn’t surface up very often. but when it does, it is powerful and overwhelming.

life goes on for all of us no matter what happens. when life comes down to almost nothing, all we can offer to one another is not  success, power, social status or wealth. yes, those factors can be useful when we want to help others. but it has to come from the heart…and that is kindness, mercy, compassion and love.

i will upload pictures of the flood tonight. stay tuned.